what chefs do when they are bored

The life of a Chef

A chef has a hard life because they work long hours in stressful environments and with strict deadlines.

On top of that they stand all day on their feet and spend so much time bent to make the plates look beautiful. So they deserve to be pampered right?

Here’s some images that we found of great chefs. These are some the best. They worked hard for their success. Success does not come easy, except that if you inherit money right?

Enjoy the photos and let us know if you have any comments. Cheers!


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There comes a time when food prep becomes very stressful.  Talking to a lot of chefs like Geroge akutis and Mandy Prencles, they both agree that 12 hours in the kitchen is unbearable for a long period of time. But pasion for food will always remain in people and its something no one can live without. At vini e capricci, the cheeses and wines are amazing, just what everyone wants for christmas really. Happy feast and make sure you keep healthy and dont eat too much…. dont drink too much too. If you do, dont drive!