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 About Us

Make sure you like any animal. To get complete information, please go to the Facebook fanspage

Who are we is here only to share complete information about the world of pets and pets. We also want to inspire pet and pet lovers to be able to care for them easily and precisely

Our Activities

  • Provides information about the world of pets, as well as adding various information about how to care for pets and pets, including about providing proper food for pets.
  • Information about diseases and pests in the animal or pet world
  • Provides information about pet doctors and clinics.
  • As well as various other kinds of information regarding pets

Our Vision

To become a professional on a national scale in sharing information on the animal world

Our Mission

Hope that the information and inspiration about the animal world can help you in maintaining, caring for, and knowing clinics about their health both reftil and mammals

About Admin is managed by Agam Apandy, a blogger who comes from the West Java area. When he died, his job was as an employee. is a place for transfer of knowledge so that knowledge is not lost. Assisted by one friend as a Super Administrator and several Admins.