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Sojos Dog Food Review | Ingredients vs. Feed-quality

sojos dog food review

In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Sojos Dog Food Products

Sojos is a dog food company that creates and manufactures dog food mixes rather than traditional dog foods

They maintain that their foods are “made from scratch,” and have nothing artificial in them – including fillers and preservatives. Their line of foods is based on simple, real ingredients like you would find in your own kitchen. Sojos provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the wholesome, human-quality ingredients in their foods that are made daily and date-stamped for freshness.

Sojos Dog Food Products:

Picture of Sojos Complete Turkey Dog Food Mix Sojos Dog Food -
Complete Turkey Dog Food Mix
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Picture of Sojos Complete Beef Dog Food Mix Sojos Dog Food -
Complete Beef Dog Food Mix
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Picture of Sojos Original Dog Food Mix Sojos Dog Food -
Original Dog Food Mix
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Picture of Sojos Grain Free Dog Food Mix Sojos Dog Food -
Grain Free Dog Food Mix
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Product Overview From Sojos Dog Food

Sojos’ Take on Human-quality Ingredients vs. Feed-quality Ingredients Sojos works off the premise that if our pets are considered to be part of our family, they deserve our better quality food, rather than foods that are filled with lesser-quality ingredients like by-products and fillers. 

Feed-quality ingredients typically are not fit for human consumption, so why would we want to feed them to our pets? They claim that lesser quality foods include ingredients that are often expired or defective or even considered “waste” products. 

Waste products are typically called “by-products” which is the waste left over after the production of foods in the human food chain. Many times they are the sweepings off the floor. 

They maintain that reading food labels is the best way to know what is going into your pet's food and that some of the key ingredients to watch out for as a lesser quality ingredient may include, shells, hulls, corn husks, peels, dust, stems, hair, and middlings.

Human-quality ingredients on the other hand are screened and tested for anything that is not fit for human consumption. Their human-quality ingredients may include fresh raw meats, whole grains, wholesome and fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as whole eggs, flaxseed oil and natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

History of Sojos

The History of Sojos Pet Foods Sojos is actually the shortened name for Sojourner Farms, a family-owned business located in Minneapolis, MN. Owned by Ward and Maggie Johnson, Sojos has been in the pet food industry for over 25 years and was the first dehydrated pet food mix created in the US. All you had to do was add meat and water. Since then they have continued to upgrade and refine the list of ingredients and make it right there in their own manufacturing company.

They offer three full lines of dog food mixes and a variety of homemade treats. This concept is very popular because it is the most convenient fresh food for your pet available. No bottom-of-the-barrel ingredients here. The treats are baked right there on the premises. 

Their food mix lines include original, complete, and grain-free. This is not a kibble, it's a blend of nuts, herbs, meats, vegetables – just like homemade. Their foods are not cooked, they are gently dehydrated which makes the vitamins and nutrients bioavailable.

The Sojos Philosophy of Goodness Sojos claims their philosophy of feeding pets is to strive to enhance the overall well-being of your pet by creating foods that are made with the highest quality of standards to provide the highest quality of ingredients, coupled with their highest of quality customer service.

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