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Top 100+ Random Hunting Dog Names Ultimate List

hunting dog names

Choose the Perfect Dog Name

Choosing the name for your dog might seem a trivial task and an easy one at that, but there are several factors to keep in mind:
  • The name should be short, because you will be using it frequently, and dogs only understand short sounds
  • It shouldn't be too similar to a command: when you say "fetch" you want your dog to know you're issuing an order and not his own name!
  • Dog names typically convey feelings and reactions in people, you should choose an appropriate name if you want to convey cuteness (as in a poodle) or fear (think a german shepherd)
Most people will love their dog deeply, and don't forget your dog's name will last a lifetime, so choosing it carefully is a no-brainer! You will use the name daily at home, in your photos, among people: the name must adapt to several different situations!

This website is aimed at helping you choose the perfect name for your dog, be it a female dog's name, a cute puppy, or even a name with ethnic origins such as german or Japanese dog names!

We currently boast the largest dog names database (yes, the largest on the web!) so we've tried to make it easier for you to search our dog names by using the Advanced Dog Name Search page!

Just keep in mind our rules of thumb for dog names and your dog will thank you for a lifetime!
  • Keep your dog's name short
  • Choose a name that doesn't sound too similar to a command
  • The dog's name should reflect his personality/convey relevant emotions
  • Remember you may need to shout the name in a crowd of people, maybe your boss!
  • If you already had another dog before, don't choose the same name! Each one of your pets deserves his own story and identity!

100 Dog Name List:

No. Name Meaning Gender
1 Amarisa Female
2 Amarri Male
3 Ambassador Male
4 Baron A low ranking nobleman. Unisex
5 Baron and Baroness A low ranking nobleman and his wife. Unisex
6 Big Large, huge, of immense size Unisex
7 Boss An employer or supervisor Unisex
8 Boy A male child from birth to puberty Unisex
9 Brawley Male
10 Brigadier Army, Air Force or Marine officer ranked above Colonel but below Major General. Unisex
11 By and Large An expression meaning "for the most part" Unisex
12 Cadet Student at a military school training to be an officer. Unisex
13 Caesar Title for Roman Emperors Unisex
14 Cain craftsman, The possessed Unisex
15 Captain One who commands or leads others. Officer in command of ship, aircraft, police or fire station. Unisex
16 Champ An abbreviation of "champion" meaning a winner or one who is an advocate or defender Unisex
17 Chapin Male
18 Chief Accorded highest rank or office Unisex
19 Chubbs Nickname for someone overweight Unisex
20 Chubby Slighty overweight or fat Unisex
21 Churchill Literally, dweller by church on sea Unisex
22 Colonel Army, Air Force or Marine officer ranked above Lieutenant but below Brigadier. Unisex
23 Corporal Army rank positioned above Private but below Sergeant. Unisex
24 Count A European nobleman Unisex
25 Count and Countess A European nobleman and his wife. Unisex
26 Czar Title for male Russian Emperor Unisex
27 Dandy A man who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance Unisex
28 Deondra Female
29 Detective Person who investigates crimes for a living. Unisex
30 Director Unisex
31 Doctor A person licensed in the healing arts, especially physicians. Unisex
32 Dono An ancient honorific in the Japanese language, a term of great respect and reverence Unisex
33 Dotty From Dorothy - Gift of God. Also covered in dots. Another meaning is amusingly eccentric or absurd. Unisex
34 Duke Highest ranking nobleman Unisex
35 Duke and Duchess Highest ranking nobleman and his wife. Unisex
36 Earl A British nobleman equivalent to a European count Unisex
37 El Dorado Male
38 Emperor Male ruler of an empire Unisex
39 Emperor and Empress Male and female rulers of an empire. Unisex
40 Empress Female
41 Fortune Unisex
42 Gaspar Male
43 General High Army or Air Force rank above Lieutenant General. Unisex
44 Governor person appointed to govern a colony, state or territory. Unisex
45 Halo Luminous ring around the head of religious figures Unisex
46 Highness Form of address for a Prince or Princess - Her Highness. Unisex
47 Him and Her Male and female Unisex
48 Hurly and Burly Play on expression "hurly burly" meaning a disturbance: or a disorderly outburst or tumult Unisex
49 Inspector A police officer ranking below superintendent. One who inspects. Unisex
50 Jeoffroi Male
51 Judge One who hears and decides Court cases. Unisex
52 Junior Youthful person. Used to distinguish son from father where they have the same name Unisex
53 Kaiser Any of the emperors of The Holy Roman Empire, Austria or Germany Unisex
54 Khan An Indian ruler or official Unisex
55 King ruler. A male sovereign Unisex
56 King and Queen Male and female sovereigns. Unisex
57 Lincoln Capital of Nebraska, USA. Old English: home by the pond Unisex
58 Loosy Nickname for someone who is loose or limber Unisex
59 Lord A male title of nobility. Unisex
60 Lord and Lady Male and female titles of nobility. Unisex
61 Major Army or Air Force rank above Captain but below Lieutenant Colonel Unisex
62 Mandarin Unisex
63 Marshall Man who looks after a nobleman's estate, keeper of the horses; steward Unisex
64 Master Unisex
65 Mayor Head of government of a town, city or municipality. Unisex
66 Midshipman Male
67 Mikito The Prince. Unisex
68 Molasses The thick dark to light brown syrup that is separated from raw sugar in sugar manufacture Unisex
69 Monsieur Mister. Unisex
70 Navigator One who controls the course of a ship or airplane. Unisex
71 Officer A police officer or one who holds a commission rank the armed forces Unisex
72 Paraoh Male
73 Porter gatekeeper, carrier Unisex
74 Preacher One who preaches the gospel for an occupation. Unisex
75 Premier Unisex
76 President Country leader of a republic. Chief executive of the USA. Unisex
77 Prime Minister Male
78 Prince Male member of a royal family. Unisex
79 Princess Female
80 Private Rank in the Army or Marines. Also means not for public disclosure. Unisex
81 Rajah A prince, king or ruler in India Unisex
82 Ranger dweller in the field A warden employed to protect a forest area. Unisex
83 Reverend Form of address for Christian clerics. Unisex
84 Rex Latin meaning king Unisex
85 Rowan Gaelic anf Old English meaning red-haired; rugged Unisex
86 Sailor One who serves in the navy or works on a ship. Unisex
87 Sarge Noncommissioned Army or Air Force rank Unisex
88 Satan The Devil and adversary of God Unisex
89 Scout One dispatched from main body to gather information Unisex
90 Senator Political title for a member of a senate. Unisex
91 Senor Polite form of address for a man in Spanish. Unisex
92 Sentry A soldier on guard or watch. Unisex
93 Seth The appointed by God Unisex
94 Shah Unisex
95 Shar Unisex
96 Sheik An Arab leader Unisex
97 Shogun Unisex
98 Sister Female
99 Skipper Ship master Unisex
100 Splash To dash a liquid or thinly viscous substance upon or against Unisex

Tips For Naming Your New Puppy

How do I choose a good dog name? Like choosing a name for a baby, everyone certainly has their own considerations in determining a suitable name for their pet. Well, according to the results of a survey conducted by the site, there are some things that inspire or that inspire a person in determining the name of his pet puppy. You may also be one of the people who choose the name of the dog based on the following options. Here's the result:
  • 10% named their dog after someone they knew
  • 12% named their dog after a famous or historic person
  • 12% named their dog after an animal, plant, or nature
  • 12% named their dog after the type of food or drink
  • 33% named their dog after a character from a TV show, video game, movie or book
  • 4% name their dog after a brand name
  • 5% named their dog after a city or geographic location

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