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33 Best Big Dog Names Perfect for Your Pooch

big dog names male

Interesting Facts About Dog Names

There are many things that dog names are used for, and these don’t just include the obvious. Dog names are used for passwords as well as other personal identification purposes. The secret password to our banking account is a combination of numbers along with our dog’s name and then a couple of other things…it’s about fourteen characters long. 

All of the passwords for our shopping online, internet searches, etc, are dog names. Maybe we have these dogs in our family, maybe they are names of dogs that we know, it doesn’t matter…we just use them. Of course, there are some funny coincidences.

The dog names people choose for their dogs are strange, in a way…like giving your dog the name “zero”. Realizing that the dog doesn’t know what society’s version of “zero” is, the answer to this name happily and don’t think a thing about it. 

However, wouldn’t you think strangely of a person who named their dog “zero”? What, does he think the dog is not worth anything? Does the owner not know what other numbers sound like a dog’s name? IN any case, some names directly reflect the owner’s thoughts and feelings about their dog.

Popular Big Dog Names

Dog names like “hotshot” or “patches” could reflect how the dog acts or what the dog looks like. Other character traits of the dog could be used to name them, but my question is “How do you know what your dog will be like? Do you just wait to name the dog and call it by “hey you”?” The overall plan for a dog, like knowing you’re going to breed her and sell the pups, could also play into the overall name that is chosen. For example, we named our female dog long before we found her. 

This is because we knew we were going to buy good quality hunting stock and breed her to sell the pups. There are a lot of people in this area that need a good hunting dog for pheasant, quail, and the like. So, the female dog’s name was “Bonnie” with the intent to get “Clyde” at a later date. We have another dog whose name is “Bagel”…yes, like the food. 

This is because when this beagle pup “snuck” into our country home behind our other dog; the kids at the time were too small to understand their dad when he tried to explain that the type of dog was a beagle. The only frame of reference the kids had was a “Bagel”. The name stuck and we have Bonnie (no Clyde…that’s another story) and Bagel. They are the absolute best of friends and are “lost” without each other.

Best Name for Your Big Dog?

Dog names are also used to name secret projects. If you have a plan between two people that isn’t to be known among others you frequently have to talk around, then the “code name” of Beasley could be used. Then both parties would know exactly what was being referred to. There are many things that dog names are used for…be creative and you might find another use all your own.

List Big Dog Names 33 Awesome Ideas

While there are many interesting names from several sources, most of them are long and unsuitable for your new puppy. In the list below, I've rounded up some of the best ones for you to try.

No. Name Meanings Gender
1 Bear A large heavy mammal of America and Eurasia that have long shaggy hair Unisex
2 Bertram bright Male
3 Berwyk Male
4 Big Large, huge, of immense size Unisex
5 Big and Bad Large and not good Unisex
6 Big Boy A large male or a male who is considered "grown up" Unisex
7 Big Guy Male
8 Bruce thicket, woodlands Male
9 Bullet A round or elongated missile (as of lead) to be fired from a firearm Unisex
10 Burtha Female
11 By and Large An expression meaning "for the most part" Unisex
12 Chubbs Nickname for someone overweight Unisex
13 Chubby Slighty overweight or fat Unisex
14 Chunky Unisex
15 Crumbs The small pieces and particles that fall from their whole Unisex
16 Fatso Derogatory slang expression for a person who is overweight Unisex
17 Flaps Unisex
18 Garfield Male
19 Goliath Unisex
20 Home Male
21 Jabba The Hut Male
22 Jumbo Huge or massive in size or scope Unisex
23 Large Big, of greater than average size Unisex
24 Lincoln Capital of Nebraska, USA. Old English: home by the pond Unisex
25 Lucifer Unisex
26 Magnum A large wine bottle holding about 1.5 liters Unisex
27 Maxi Shortened version of maximum; a long dress, skirt or coat especially popular in the late 1960s-1970s Unisex
28 Mocha A flavoring made of a strong coffee infusion or of a mixture of cocoa or chocolate with coffee Unisex
29 Muscles Unisex
30 Nomad One who has no permanent home; one who wanders Unisex
31 Oso Japanese meaning bear Unisex
32 Tank Usually large receptacle for holding, transporting, or storing liquids Unisex
33 Wookie Unisex

We hope the list of big dog names above gives you an idea for you.

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