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Various Types of Cat Litter That Cat Owners Need To Know

types of cat litter
Knowing about the cat litter types will be such the basic info which anyone needs to know. That is especially for people who want or plan to adopt and take care of a cat for their very first time. It might be something challenging but still, you only need to know about what you can simply do or obtain the information about cats and even any cat supplies which you need to prepare well. 

Of course, it is not as simple as you ever thought if you are already in a pet supply shop since there will be a wide range of cat foods, cat litters, cat cages, and many others. For your first time shopping, it can be such a frustrating thing.

That is especially on dealing with the right choice of the cat litter. Besides dealing with the proper litter box, we also need to notice about the litter sands or we simply often call it the cat litter. There are various types of cat litter which we can find. Surely, choosing the right one is important because cat litter will affect much hygiene, cat behavior, and even maintenance. 

The most notable thing is how simple you clean the cat litter will be. Then, of course, you will also notice the smell since when we choose the right cat litter, the smell would not be that really worse anymore. Another essential thing is about the hygiene which will affect much then. That is the reason why we need to know about it well first.

Various Types of Cat Litter

different types of cat litter
There are various choices of cat litter types that we actually can simply find in a pet supply shop. There are so many products of cat litters with various shapes and sizes of granules. Then, we will also find the clumping or non-clumping clay. They are made from different materials. As the result, the non-clumping one, the urine which is absorbed by the clay does not turn into the clump but it has a good absorption as well. 

Then, the clumping one can form the clump so that we will get simplicity to clean or scoop the urine of the cat. Then, there are also many other different types of cat litter, as the recycled papers, silica-gel crystal, pines, grasses, walnut shell, wheat, corns, and many others. they have different materials with of course the different characters as well.

Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Cat Litter

types of cat litter available
That is really important to notice about the right choice of cat litter. You need to consider what your cat loves actually. However, what you need to know is commonly cat loves the unscented sand for littering. They prefer to choose the clumping litter as well with no additional substance added as like the odor control substance. So, when you have a kitten that is still on the toilet training program, the unscented litter which is clumping and no additive for odor control will be a good idea. That is a kind of cat litter types which you can choose then.

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