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Various Parasites in Cats Living In Their Bodies

parasites in cats

There are various cat parasites which can be found in cats and there are so many types of the parasites are really common to be found especially if the cats are not taken care properly. That will affect the various health problems which can happen to them. It is a good idea to know about the wide ranges of the parasites which are possibly attacking your cat. By knowing about them, you will get an overview and ideas on how to deal with the parasites of the cat properly. 

Actually, parasites in the animal are divided into two different types. They are the endoparasites and ectoparasites. Endoparasites are the parasites which grow or exist in the body of the animal as like a cat as like worms, while the ectoparasites are the parasites which exist or grows on the external area of the body as like the fur, skin, and many others.

That will be something good to know about those parasites well. We can get the ideas about the parasites of the cat but here, we will only talk about the ectoparasites or the parasites which live on the external area of the cat’s body. So, we will get the ideas when we find that kind of parasites happens to the cat. 

There are various types of ectoparasites which can happen to our cats. That sounds so common and not really that dangerous but actually, when they are not taken care properly and not treated well, of course, the serious condition might occur to your cat. Below, we are going to talk about some ectoparasites which are the common ones.

Lice and Mites

parasites in cats poop
Lice and also mites are the types of cat parasites which often happen to almost all kinds of cats. They are often attacked the cats with various symptoms. They also could not be seen directly with the bare eyes. We need to use the microscope to see them. There are some lice and mites which infect the ear. That is often called as the ear mites. Some of them can also make the skin looks peeled off as like dandruff, then we also can find the mites and lice which lives under the skin as like scabies or the Demodex.

The Fleas

symptoms of parasites in cats
Another kind of ectoparasite as the part of cat parasites is the fleas. Almost all cats have ever experienced the infection of this parasite. That is often called as the cat fleas which we can see directly with the bare eyes live between the furs of the cat. The size of the flea is really small. It is only about one to two millimetres. The colours of fleas are black or a little bit brown, with the flat body. The fleas are often jumping from one area to another.

The Ticks

internal parasites in cats
Ticks are more often seen and infected dogs rather than cats, but still, they are possibly infecting the cats. The size of the tick is actually bigger since it has the body size about 3 mm to one centimetre. That has the flat body as well but when it is already full with the cat or dog’s blood, it will look round. That is the type of rare cat parasites since it more often infecting dogs.

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