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The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews



In-Depth Reviews and Analysis of all The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Products

Company history

The Honest Kitchen is a pet food company located in San Diego, California. Family-owned and privately operated, The Honest Kitchen was founded in 2002 by Lucy and Charlie Postins, who moved to the United States from Britain. The company's dog food recipes were originally created by Lucy, who worked for a local pet food company. 

Lucy began experimenting in her own kitchen to design home-cooked recipes for her dog that used raw foods and quality ingredients. As she found her kitchen overflowing with ingredients and homemade dog foods, she realized that removing the moisture from her recipes would significantly reduce the space used in her home.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Product:

The Honest Kitchen
Turkey, Flaxseed
EMBARK Turkey and Grain-Free Diet Dry Dog Food
Review by:
The Honest Kitchen
Free-Range Chicken, Flaxseed
FORCE Chicken and Grain Free Diet Dry Dog Food
Review by:
The Honest Kitchen
Sweet Potatoes, Alfalfa, Cabbage
PREFERENCE Dog Foundation and Grain Free Diet
Review by:
The Honest Kitchen
Free Range Chicken, Quinoa
THRIVE Chicken and Gluten Free Diet Dog Food
Review by:
The Honest Kitchen
Gluten Free, White Fish, Potatoes
ZEAL Grain Free Gluten Free All Life Stages Dog Food
Review by:
The Honest Kitchen
Beef, Oats, Rye
VERVE Beef and Organic Grains Diet Dry Dog Food
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After developing and testing her recipes with her own dog and other local pets, Lucy began contacting manufacturers who would agree to produce her recipes on a commercial level. Since its founding in 2002, The Honest Kitchen has developed multiple lines of dog food, cat food, treats, and supplements for pets. The company operates in the upper level of a former bread factory, and its products are sold across the United States through holistic veterinarian offices, independent pet supply stores, and online sales.

Special dehydration process

The Honest Kitchen developed a special process of dehydrating its recipes in order to provide customers with a compact, nutrient-rich dog food that could be easily stored and transported. Each recipe needs only to be reconstituted with water in order to be ready to serve. This dehydration process allows the fresh, whole ingredients to retain maximum nutrition and flavor. 

Because of the gentle handling of the product ingredients, these items are still considered to be raw after dehydration is finished. Meats are steamed before dehydration, and grains and potatoes are the first flashes heated before the gentle dehydration process is complete.

Human-grade pet food

The Honest Kitchen advertises that all of its products are certified to be human grade. Every supplier of ingredients signs an affidavit, providing assurance that its products are edible for humans. The Honest Kitchen manufactures its line of products through a human food manufacturer, which verifies the human-grade quality of each ingredient. In 2005, The Honest Kitchen obtained a formal "no objection" statement from the FDA, allowing the company to label all of its products "Human Grade" for sales purposes. 

The Honest Kitchen has also obtained approval from the Department of Agriculture to sell its products as human grade.

Nature-friendly production

The Honest Kitchen affirms its commitment to preserving and protecting the environment, using nature-friendly ingredients for all of its products. When given a choice, the company selects sustainability over cost and frequently purchases ingredients from their native countries. As a result, The Honest Kitchen uses free-range chickens from California, fair-trade organic quinoa from Bolivia, bananas from the Philippines, and sweet potatoes from Peru. 

The company is also a member of Green America, with a goal of harnessing economic power in order to create and maintain a society that is environmentally sustainable and socially just.

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