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Teaching Your Bird | How to Refining Your Parrots Skills


Teaching Your Parrot Tricks

If you are the owner of a parrot, you likely already know about what intelligent and unique creatures they can be. These are great pet and animal companions for anyone who is looking for something different. If you’re interested in finding out about all of the skills your parrot is capable of, you may be interested in parrot tricks.

Your parrot is capable of many different tricks that you may not have been aware of. Teaching your parrot some tricks will not only alert you to some of their many qualities, but it will allow your parrot to learn new skills or refine other skills and talents that they already had.

It is important to understand that there is a certain level of trust that must be maintained with your parrot if you want to teach it tricks. If you cannot hold your parrot or be close to it without scaring it, or without being bitten, then your parrot is not ready to learn tricks. A parrot will only learn tricks when it is completely comfortable with the individual that is training it.

It is also important to understand that mastering these parrot tricks is not going to be instantaneous. You will likely have to train your parrot on a few tricks for a while before it will be able to fully master the trick itself. In addition to this, when you first start out, you should only attempt to teach your parrot one trick at a time.

You should consider very basic tricks when you first begin. You can discover a variety of tricks from books, the internet, and various other types of media. If your parrot doesn’t learn the trick immediately, remember to be patient. Becoming frustrated with the parrot can make it harder for the parrot to learn the trick because it will be uncomfortable.

Remember to praise or reward your parrot when the trick has been completed successfully. Usually, the parrot is rewarded with a treat of some sort. If the parrot is not able to complete the trick properly, it is still important to give it praise for its efforts. This will be noticed as encouragement and will help the parrot to keep trying. Praise and rewards reinforce success to the parrot when the trick is done correctly.

You will be amazed when you realize everything that your parrot is capable of doing. A few good parrot tricks can really showcase the intelligence and skill of the parrot itself. Take time training your parrot and remember to be patient. This will ensure that you have the best results from your animal companion.

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