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Setting up Aquarium Equipment for Goldfish Aquarium

setting up a freshwater aquarium
Setting up an aquarium is not that hard as long as you have the right tank and certain basic equipment to go with it. If you want your goldfish to survive in their new habitat, you must provide your fish with some essential aquarium equipment, too.


setting up an aquarium
Keeping the water temperature steady all year round is very important for your goldfish. Goldfish are more active when the temperature remains near 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything cooler than 68 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time will eventually kill them. 

Be sure that you choose an aquarium heater that matched your goldfish tank. If you get a heater with too low voltage, it will not substantiate your large tank. An aquarium heater with very high voltage will only take the life of your goldfish. Do not hesitate to visit and ask your local fish store regarding the right heater for your aquarium.


setting up a fresh water aquarium
Goldfish require a daily dose of 4-10 hours of lighting. A well-illuminated aquarium allows better viewing and highlights the color of your fishes. Turn off the lights during night time as goldfish rest and sleep too. There are several types of aquarium light fixtures available such as strip lights, full hood, and canopy lights.

Get fluorescent light instead of incandescent ones because these give off less heat, produce more light per watt, and are more energy-efficient.


setting up saltwater aquarium

An efficient water filtration system is the most necessary component for any aquarium. Goldfish do not have a stomach, so they produce a large number of wastes through their gills and feces. Without a filter, all the wastes and bacteria in the tank will build up and make it hard for the goldfish to breathe. Filters come in various brands and types. Select a full-size canister filter or a hang on the filter for your aquarium. 

If your tank is larger than a 10-gallon, investing in an under gravel system with powerheads is a good buy. Installing an outside filter (which makes use of fibrous material and activated carbon to purify the water) is a plus. Make sure that the filter will not produce excessive current in the tank for this will make it tough for the goldfish to swim. To maintain its proper functioning, clean or change filters every month.

Water Siphon Hose

Water Siphon Hose
An aquarium siphon hose is also helpful in your scheduled water change to keep the fish healthy. The hose will suck the water out of the tank and remove wastes.

Owning a goldfish is a big responsibility. You can not leave the fish to live and grow healthy on his own. Providing your fish with a right tank is not good enough. You must be able to clean and maintain his environment by giving him at least the basic aquarium equipment for his survival and development.

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