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Science Diet Dog Food Reviews: Should I Trust?

science diet dog food

In-Depth Diet Dog Food Reviews of all Products

Science Diet has over 80 products that are geared to meet the needs of your pet.

These products are formulated to meet the needs of your dog from young to old, toy to the giant, and anywhere in-between. Science Diet has researched and worked to provide your pet with a wide range of options to gain necessary nutrients. Science Diet claims to have products available for almost every health problem that your dog could have and desires to provide the best that science can offer to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Science Diet Dry Dog Food:

science diet canned dog food
Science Diet, the company that claims it is the vet’s number one choice, was started to help the guide dog of a blind man. This company began in 1939 and pioneered the way for nutritional diets meeting health problems. Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr., a visionary, sought to care for animals in a way that before his time had rarely been done. He paved the way for the scientific study of nutrition for animals and the company has continued in his footsteps. 

The entire team of vets, scientists, dogs, cats, and caretakers work together in a healthy environment to create therapeutic diets that will according to the company guarantee a healthy and long life for your pet. This process is carefully done by the team and is still in the works today as daily the scientists reevaluate and revise old products and create new products in an effort to provide you with the best that they can offer.

Science Diet Nutritional Value

Science Diet maintains a high standard of nutrition by using meat instead of meat meal in many of its products. There are some products where meat meals are used and this does call to question the quality of the meat and essentially of the product. But based on the scientific research put into all of the different products and the reputation of the company as being number one for vets to use with their own pets then you may trust in the products if you choose.

Science Diet also meets AAFCO levels for most of their products and state this on their products. Science Diet desires to meet the legal amounts of protein, fat, fiber and moisture, and other aspects of their products to the satisfaction of you and your pet.

Science Diet Grains

Science Diet does use grains in some of its products. This seems to be a controversial issue with dog foods. Science Diet does not appear to use grains as the main ingredient in most of its products. There are some Science Diet products that have grains as the main ingredients, but the majority seem to have meats as the main ingredients.

Science Diet Verdict

Science Diet is a leading pet food brand used by many vets. The scientific research placed into their products is carefully done with the best interests of your pets in mind. Science Diet would be a good choice for pet owners, but pet owners are still advised to check with their vets beforehand.

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