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Reviews On Canidae Dog Food: In-Depth Analysis


Canidae Dog Food Reviews

In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Canidae Dog Food Products

Canidae guarantees that its dog food formulas are of the highest quality.

Canidae Natural Pet Food Company, based in San Luis Obispo, California, was founded in 1996. All of its products are manufactured in the United States and are sold in independent pet stores throughout the country. Canidae believes in supporting the local independent pet store, so its products are not found in any chain stores. 

The company states that the local store is generally better informed about its merchandise and more committed to helping individual pets. As a result, the independent store is able to offer competitive pricing with high-quality items. Canidae supports and encourages this service by limiting its sales to local stores and online marketing.

Canidae Dry Dog Food

Canidae Dry Dog Food

Canidae Canned Dog Food

Canidae advertises that its products are made using ingredients manufactured in the United States. Careful quality control includes selecting fresh meals and meats from USDA inspected ingredients at facilities that are human grade. In addition, the vegetables, grains, and fruits originate with human-grade producers, and all products are preserved naturally. The company provides specific answers to customers desiring to know additional information regarding the ingredient sources and benefits.

What products does Canidae offer its customers?

Canidae emphasizes its commitment to natural and holistic ingredients, stating that the employees, as pet owners, are dedicated to feeding only the best possible product to their pets. Maintaining an active research center, Canidae regularly consults with veterinarians and nutritionists in order to consistently offer diets that customers are looking to buy. 

New formulas are developed to meet customer needs and to reflect the results of recent scientific studies. The manufacturer currently offers several lines of products, including All Life Stages, Platinum, Grain-Free, and Single Grain Protein Plus. Each of these formulas focuses on a specific need. The All Life Stages line offers balanced and quality diets for adults, puppies, overweight dogs, senior dogs, senior/overweight dogs, and breeding and working dogs. 

Platinum formulas target senior and overweight pets, featuring protein-rich diets with lower fat and reduced calories, along with vital minerals and vitamins. Canidae also carries a grain-free diet and a single-grain diet, since some dogs tend to have allergic reactions to certain grains or simply need a higher level of meat protein in their diet. These formulas use ingredients such as peas and potatoes to provide the necessary carbohydrates in the diet.

Canidae quality guarantee

Canidae offers a published guarantee that its formulas are made of the highest possible quality. Its products are processed in FDA, USDA, and AAFCO approved locations, using ingredients from human-grade facilities. To ensure product safety, Canidae has set in place rigorous inspection requirements, including in-line formula testing that is cleared every 30 minutes by a second supervisor.

The company states that 10 finished product tests and 141 ingredient tests are performed. Each finished batch sends a sample straight to the research and development branch, where the samples are retested for potential risk hazards and known toxins. Canidae products were not included in any pet food recalls, including the well-known recalls of 2005 and 2007.

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