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Rabbits as Pets: Reason They make wonderful companions great

rabbits as pets

6 Reasons a Rabbit Might Be the Pet for You

1. Rabbits Are Clean

Rabbits keep themselves extremely clean. Grooming themselves and their companions is a favorite pastime for bunnies. Spayed and neutered rabbits take to litter boxes (which are practically odorless if changed frequently) naturally. They are vegetarians and any stray poops are inoffensive, dry, and stink-free; and are small enough to be vacuumed right up. Rabbits eat non-offensive healthy foods too, clean-smelling fresh hay, green leafy vegetables, dry rabbit food pellets never stink up the house.

2. Rabbits Are Quiet

Rabbits don’t bark or meow. In fact, they say very little. They are good pets for apartments, as no one will ever complain about the noise from your pet. The loudest noise you’ll typically hear is when they warn you of perceived danger by stamping their hind feet against the floor to make a thumping sound. And being warned of danger is a good thing, right?

3. Rabbits Are Soft and Beautiful

All cat and dog people are amazed at how soft a bunny is, especially a rex bunny. Not only are they super-soft, but they are also extremely cute. Rabbits are cute all the time, whatever they do, even when they are chewing your baseboard, severing the phone cord or digging the socks out of the sock drawer! But watching a rabbit can be soothing too, a relaxed rabbit stretched out long, dozing on your living room floor, is a beautiful, peaceful sight.

4. Rabbits Sleep During the Most of the Day

The most active hours for rabbits are mornings and evenings, so they are up and active when you get up in the morning and when you get home from work, a perfect schedule for working households.

5. Rabbits Are Fun

You just can’t beat the fun of having a cute rabbit begging for a carrot at the refrigerator door, or taking a nap on the floor next to your bunny, or petting your bunny and being rewarded by the happy purring (rapid teeth clicks) of a content, satisfied rabbit. And if you are really lucky you may even be given the supreme gift of bunny kisses! 

They can put on quite a show too: a silly happy dance across the floor with ears flopping and feet kicking in joy. Watching a rabbit is often far more entertaining than anything on T.V. Just watching a bunny explore an unfamiliar object, or play with their toys or a cardboard box can be hours of entertainment. And rabbit fun needn’t just be confined to your home either. 

We have gone on road trips with certain rabbits, stayed in hotels, and set up camp with rabbits, with them hopping on our heads in the night. When people see you have a rabbit, it’s always a great conversation starter.

6. Rabbits Teach Us So Much

Since they are herbivores, having a rabbit will teach you about exotic vegetables, such as bok choy and cilantro. Buying these things for your bunny will encourage you to eat healthier because you will always have salad makings in your refrigerator. Rabbits are subtle in their body language and you learn to read their moods just by observing. 

And you will be amazed at how innovative they can be when telling you what they want. Rabbits also teach lessons in kindness, gentleness, and patience. Caring for your rabbit can create a bond that is every bit as strong as the one you can have with a dog or cat.

They have short lives. I’ve suffered the heartbreak of losing some really good rabbit friends many times in the past and will suffer heartbreak many more times. But it really is worth it. The memories they leave us with are worth all the time and effort we put into caring for them. Somehow, just by being rabbits, they give so much back, and I’ve become a better human for it.

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