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Quaker Parrot Food for Health and Safety

quaker parrot food
Whether yours is a Quaker parrot, an African Grey parrot, a Scarlet Macaw, an Amazon, Cockatiel, or some other member of the parrot family, you want to give it good parrot food. You want your bird to be healthy and happy. You assume the food sold in your local pet store is as good as any other kind, but is it? Are you risking your parrot’s health and safety?

Commercial Parrot Food

Parrot food manufacturers should be in the business for the purpose of providing the best, safest, and healthiest food for the parrot you love. Unfortunately, those who produce parrot food seem to be more interested in the bottom line than in the health of the nation’s parrots.

The majority of parrot food producers think this way.

  • The cheapest parrot food is a food that is 100% seed.
  •  Parrots love 100% seed parrot food.
  • Customers like to watch happy parrots gobble up 100% seed parrot food.
  • We will sell parrot food that is 100% seed and make huge profits.

The Problem with Commercial Parrot Food

Parrot food that is based on the seed is loaded with fat and carbohydrates. Some say that such parrot food is the leading cause of illness and death in parrots.

A diet of parrot food that is seed-based has also been shown to cause parrots to bite their owners. Reports indicate that 31% of parrot biting problems are due to a diet of predominantly seeds. When parrot food lacks vital nutrients, parrots become under-nourished. They don’t feel well, and like many people, they become irritable when they don’t feel well.

Poisons in Commercial Parrot Food

Most commercial parrot food not only fails to give your parrot nutrients, it adds substances that have proven poisonous to parrots. If you see the following in the list of ingredients, you should avoid that parrot food.

  •  BHA
  •  BHT
  •  Ethoxyquin
  • Menadione
  • Rubber stabilizer
  • Sugar-filled food coloring

The Best Parrot Food

You can make your own parrot food, as we explained in another article on this site. You don’t have to do that, though, to get parrot food that will provide health for your parrot and safety from premature death.

Organic parrot food is available, and promises much better health for your “best friend” in the big cage. Owners who have tried this parrot food seem to be unanimous in saying their birds love it.

If you are interested in more information on this safer parrot food, you may want to visit the place we found it – Bird Tricks. We reviewed Bird Tricks on this site. You can read our review by clicking here. Or click on the button at the top of this page, just under the word “Parrots” in the green header.

Your parrot deserves the best, safest parrot food you can give it.

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