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Pure Vita Dog Food Review: Unique Pure Vita Benefits

pure vita dog food review

In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Pure Vita Dog Food Products

Pure Vita focuses on holistic ingredients and an overall good health approach to its dog food products.

Pure Vita is a brand owned by NutriSource, a premium pet food manufacturer. Pure Vita focuses on holistic ingredients and an overall good health approach to its dog food products. This company sets itself apart from the field of other dog food manufacturers with several practices. 

First, it adds the “superfoods” blueberries and pomegranates to many of its formulas, making sure your dog benefits from the powerful antioxidants that these fruits contain. Second, Pure Vita tests the flavors and benefits of its products with real-life pets before approving them for yours.

Pure Vita Dog Food Product :

nutrisource pure vita dog food

Unique Pure Vita Benefits

Fruit in dog food is relatively uncommon, but the makers of Pure Vita recognize that antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids are critical components of any dog’s overall good health. While supplemental forms of these nutrients are effective, it is always preferable to feed your dog natural food sources that contain them. Blueberries and pomegranates are great ingredients for your dog’s food, especially when combined with nutritious meats and other all-natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

For pet owners who want to avoid feeding their dogs filler grains, which can upset stomachs and deliver low nutritional content, Pure Vita offers several grain-free formulas. These combine high-carb vegetables and potatoes with high-quality meats, including some exotic flavors like salmon and bison. You can feel good about boosting your dog’s vitamin and mineral benefits, while your dog enjoys wild flavors that you won’t find in many other brands.


At the heart of Pure Vita’s product line are its dry dog foods. From the duck and oatmeal recipe, great for all life stages but particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive systems, to a grain-free salmon formula, each variety is unique and delicious. Five, ten, or fifteen-pound bags are available to match your dog’s appetite.

For a special dinner, you can choose from beef, turkey, or chicken stew canned foods. Each formula is grain-free and is tested with real pets to make sure it is as tasty as it sounds. Canned meals are ideal either in combination with dry foods or as a regular diet.

Dog treats are always designed to taste great, but Pure Vita makes health benefits the real focus of their canine snacks. Each variation on the manufacturer’s crunchy treats targets a critical area of dog health, from the hip and joint strength to coat health to the immune system. You don’t have to feed your dog treats that are over-sweetened or unhealthy; Pure Vita’s treats are just as beneficial to your pet’s overall health as they are tempting in flavor.

For over forty years, Pure Vita has employed pet lovers and incorporated “real-life” pets in the testing of its products. This legacy inspires confidence in customers concerning the safety of the company’s food sources, the responsible processing of its foods, and the benefits of its specialty ingredients. 

When you try their dry kibble, canned foods, or nutritious treats, you will have the chance to see for yourself why Pure Vita has earned a name for itself among devoted pet owners everywhere.

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