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Premium Edge Dog Food Reviews, Nutrition, Ingredients & Benefits

premium edge dog food reviews

In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Premium Edge Dog Food Products

The Premium Edge line of dog foods is a no-nonsense, powerful set of foods that places complete canine health at the top of its priority list. While other brands may try to get the owner’s attention through attractive artificial colors, flashy packaging, and photos of steak dinners, Premium Edge lets its ingredients speak for themselves. If you want your dog to have a tailor-made, veterinarian-approved meal that addresses all of its dietary needs, you should give this manufacturer’s extensive range of products a closer look.

Premium Edge Dog Food Products:

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Healthy Weight I Weight Reduction Dry Dog Formula
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Targeted Nutrition

Premium Edge goes beyond the general, complete and balanced nutrition that every dog needs. Whatever your pet’s specific requirements, you will find a formula that is designed to provide the maximum health benefits within those boundaries. For example, the large breed puppy dry food balances fat and caloric content while boosting vitamins that encourage the healthy growth of the brain, eyes, and other essential body systems. For overweight dogs, there are two different formulas: One with low carbs and high protein to reduce weight, and one with low-fat content to help your dog keep weight under control after losing the extra pounds.

Recipes for puppies, senior dogs, pregnant mothers, and working/athletic breeds are also available, each with its own combination of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to keep your particular pet in top condition for a long, happy life.

Superior Ingredients

The ingredient list for every Premium Edge dog food begins with meat. The company recognizes that dogs need the fat and protein that meat contains, not indigestible filler grains like corn and wheat. Whether the formula is based on chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, or some other nutritious meat, you can count on clean, safely processed meats that will not harm your dog.

In order to give your dog important vitamins and energy-rich carbohydrates, Premium Edge uses whole grains and real vegetables in moderation, reflecting the balance of a wild diet. Some unfamiliar ingredients like chicory root carry great benefits for digestive health, which you won’t find in many mainstream brands.

Benefits of Research

By choosing Premium Edge dry food for your pet, you will benefit from some of the most recent research into canine health issues. DHA is an important fatty acid that contributes greatly to a puppy’s development, and by including salmon oil as a primary source of this acid, Premium Edge gives your growing dog a great advantage. 

The supplemental minerals in these recipes are chelated so that the dog’s body absorbs them quickly and gains the maximum benefit from them. Each ingredient is carefully chosen, not for its ability to lower the final cost of the food, but for its impact on improving your pet’s health and vigor for life.

In Premium Edge’s complete line of products, you will find formulas designed by nutrition experts that understand what your dog needs, whether he is a newborn puppy or a senior dog with weight gain problems. From generous levels of healthy meats to rich, beneficial minerals, the ingredients in these dry foods are just the ones you want to feed your pet.

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