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Best Methods of Pest Control for Birds

pest control for birds
Birds can be an enjoyable part of city or country living, especially if you enjoy bird watching. But sometimes, birds can become a serious nuisance and you may need to find some kind of bird control for your home or property.

Nuisance Bird Control

The most common problem with birds is their sheer numbers. When large flocks of birds like the pigeon arrive, they will cover everything with feathers and droppings.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes aren't as violent as they sound. The bird spikes come in strips and are laid down along balcony edges, window ledges, and under roof eaves. The purpose of bird spikes is not to injure the birds, but to simply discourage them from landing on those surfaces. Many city buildings use bird spikes as a pigeon repellent or white ibis repellant, and sometimes they are also used on statues to prevent pigeon perching. 

Bird Netting

Even bird spikes aren't perfect, and sometimes pigeons will manage to get footing between the spikes. Bird netting on the other hand is a more thorough method of bird pest control. Large sheets of fine mesh netting are drawn over the areas that you want to protect from pigeons and other bird pests. 

Bird netting works well but can be more difficult to install and can also detract from the look of your property. It does work particularly well when you are trying to find a bird repellant that works for a large area, such as a vegetable garden.

Ultrasonic devices

The simplest bird deterrent that you can use for bird pest control is a bird ultrasonic device. These gadgets emit high-pitched sounds that humans can't hear. The birds can hear and are scared away. Bird ultrasonic machines are very expensive but require the least amount of effort to put to use, and they are virtually invisible.


The scarecrow is the kind of bird control device really only used in residential yards. Crows and sparrows can be quite a problem when they dig up seeds in a garden. Mounting a scarecrow can sometimes scare them off, but you might need a more serious bird control device like bird netting. Crows are smart and won't always be scared of a scarecrow.

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