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Parrot Breeders: How To Pick One You Can Trust!

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Like all animals (including humans), the early part of a parrot’s life has a significant impact on its personality when it is an adult. Obviously, parrot breeders are largely responsible for caring for a parrot during the early part of its life, which is why you need to know how to pick a parrot breeder who looks after his young parrots properly.

How to Find a Reputable Parrot Breeders

Obviously, an alternative to buying from a parrot breeder is to buy from a parrot rescue centre, or from a pet store, but when you do this it is difficult to establish anything about the parrot’s history, and how it has been raised. In my opinion, buying from a breeder with a solid reputation provides the best possibility of getting a well-balanced parrot.

Parrot diet is fundamental in raising a healthy bird. Therefore, it is very important to know that a breeder has fed his young parrots safe, nutritious food, and that they are completely weaned before they are sold – you shouldn’t buy a young parrot if it isn’t eating ‘proper’ parrot food (i.e. fruit, vegetables, seeds and/or parrot pellets).

It is very important that a young parrot is able to fly before you buy it. A good parrot breeder will make sure that a young parrot can fly and land safely (i.e. without crashing into things that will be in a normal home, such as furniture and light fittings) before he lets you take it home.

Proper socialization is vitally important. You need to ask the breeder what he has done to achieve this. For example:

  • Has the bird been in an environment where there is a lot of human interaction?
  • Has the bird been let out of the cage regularly?
  • Has the bird been handled regularly?
  • Has the bird been regularly groomed/bathed?

Although the majority of parrot breeders are responsible people, who are only involved in parrot breeding because they love parrots, there are some breeders who are only in it for the money. It is therefore really important that you ask any breeders you are considering buying your parrot from lots of questions like the ones listed above, to avoid picking the wrong breeder. 

You need to go and visit parrot breeders, and insist on viewing their aviaries. You shouldn’t do business with a parrot breeder who is reluctant to answer your questions, or who isn’t willing to show you around their aviaries. The best parrot breeders are proud of their parrot knowledge, and proud of their ‘parrot set-up’, so nothing should be too much trouble!

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