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Organix Dog Food Reviews Full Overview and Analysis


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Organix Dog Food Products

Organix is premium food made with a very high percentage of organic ingredients

Organix is a brand of dog foods that are associated with the Castor & Pollux company. The product line was created when the founders wanted to offer a premium food made with a very high percentage of organic ingredients. Their focus is on healthy organic ingredients and complete nutrition so that your dog can enjoy a long and active life and continue to be your faithful companion.

Organix Dog Food Products :


Organix Overview

The Organix company features two different product lines. The Organix products feature organically grown poultry, grains, and vegetables. The only ingredients that aren't listed as organic are the meat meals that are used in the dry kibble recipes. The Natural Ultramix products have the added feature of additional fruits and vegetables and claim to have visible pieces of these ingredients in the kibble. 

Most of the Ultramix dry foods feature organic ingredients, though the canned foods don't seem to list as many organic items. Both of these product lines have grain-free choices for those dogs that might experience grain sensitivities. There is even one choice that is free of poultry as well as grains since there are some dogs that don't digest chicken well. There are dry and canned food varieties to choose from as well as products designed for puppies and older dogs. None of their many products use wheat, corn, or soy ingredients.

In addition to wet and dry foods, the Organix company sells a variety of rawhide dog chew treats, dog cookies, and several plush squeaker toys that they claim stand up to the rough treatment that dogs typically give their favorite items. They offer a jerky treat made with rye flour and a beef femur bone section for big dogs that need something that will last. The company even sells their own brand of spot remover and shampoo.

Product Nutrition

The company has very complete information about the nutritional value of their products. All of the dry and canned dog foods that were viewed on the manufacturer's website were designed to be complete feeds rather than just supplements, and all had specific statements about their conformity to the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles, either for maintenance or, in the case of a puppy, for growth. 

The foods don't just feature the great nutrition of the main ingredients, including organic meats, meat meals of various types, organic whole grains, and organic fruits and vegetables. Each of the foods is supplemented with vitamins and minerals and has the balanced omega fatty acids that are important to your dog's health and his coat condition. In keeping with higher quality food, the minerals are chelated to protein to make them easier to absorb by your pet.

Company Activism

The parent company of which Organix is a part is active in providing healthy nutrition for dogs that find themselves in shelters and are awaiting adoption. Healthy looking dogs are more likely to be adopted. Not only are the company's donations helpful to the shelters, they give these neglected dogs a head start in regaining the health that can help them to find a safe and happy home.

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