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Native Dog Food Reviews, Exceptional Nutrition


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Native Dog Food Products

Native proudly avoids the use of chemical additives or preservatives.

Performance dog food? Who has heard of that? If you have an active dog, one that is involved in hunting, herding, or other active services or sports, then you understand the need for food formulated to meet their unique, active lifestyle. After all, human athletes get treated specially; why not canine athletes?

Native Dog Food Products:

Native Dog Food -
Level 4 Dry Dog Food
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Native Dog Food -
Level 3 Dry Dog Food
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Native Dog Food -
Level 2 Dry Dog Food
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Native Dog Food -
Level 1 Dry Dog Food
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Look at the typical dog food line, and you will find formulas for puppies, for adults, for seniors, for dogs with sensitivities, etc. But how many formulas are there for truly athletic dogs? Native Performance Dog Food was designed to meet that specific need. 

Knowing that athletes need more concentrated energy, Native set out to design a line of products no one else was offering. Formulated by experts in the area of performance dogs and tested by real dogs out in the field, Native delivers nutrition that meets the specific needs of dogs at various seasons of activity.

Truly Unique

Native Performance Dog Foods focuses on providing concentrated energy that athletic dogs need. Their formulas are ranked by energy level, rather than age or life stage. Native makes it easy to determine which formula to use by offering protein to fat ratios on each of their formulas. If the ratios are too technical, determine the appropriate formula based on how much activity your dog has for how many days per week. Native makes it easy to provide a customized diet for your dog’s activity levels.


Native proudly avoids the use of chemical additives or preservatives, as well as leaving out corn, soy by-products, and wheat while adding healthy stuff like chelated minerals, vitamins, and wholesome meats. Protein sources are menhaden fish, lamb, or chicken meals, chosen for their concentrated protein levels and high nutrition. 

No specific information is provided on the source or quality of the meat meals. Chicken fat is often utilized to boost energy levels, and coupled with flaxseed to ensure fatty acid content.

Exceptional Nutrition

All Native formulas meet the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles recommendations for all life stages. Keep in mind, however, that these formulas are not designed for the average, not-so-active, sit in the dog kennel or sleep by the sofa type dogs. The exceptional nutrition levels found in Native formulas have been designed to specifically meet the needs of very active, athletic dogs.

Native offers five distinct formulas, all ranked according to energy levels. There are 4 levels, with two formulas at the third level. Level 3p is formulated specifically for active puppies and lactating females, while the other formulas meet specific energy needs.

The Bottom Line on Native

Focusing on an important niche market, Native has met a real need. Performance dogs deserve specialized diets, and Native makes that possible. With Native, you have the ability to offer specific energy levels to match different times of activity in your dog’s active lifestyle. For better than average, high-calorie content food that will keep your dog performing his best, Native Performance Dog Food is a great choice.

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