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Karma Organic Dog Food Reviews


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Karma Dog Food Products

More than 95% of the ingredients are certified organic

When your dog’s nutrition is as important as your own, Karma may be a good place to turn. With a company focused on caring for dog health as well as the owner’s health, Karma makes the choices you would make for your own pet.

Karma Dog Food Products:

Karma Organic -
Dry Dog Food
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History and Philosophy 

Karma is a brand of Natura Pet, which has a family of six different healthy pet food lines. Each line is a focus on a different aspect of wholesome food, from grain-free, sensitive, and organic. Karma is the organic line of the company and is considered the most holistic. Founded in 1992 by dissatisfied pet owners, Karma was the answer to the question, “How can we make pet food healthier?” The answer to this question was formed into the six-point company philosophy for all Natura brands:
  • High-quality ingredients: to produce nutrient-rich foods.
  • Whole, unaltered ingredients: nature made complete packages.
  • Carefully-controlled cooking: to preserve as much of the original nutrients as possible.
  • Nothing artificial: no preservatives, additives, or colorings that are artificial.
  • Innovation: keep testing and monitoring to incorporate the latest information for optimal pet health.

Organic Certification the Karma Brand of Dog Food Is Certified Organic

This means that more than 95% of the ingredients are organic. Some of the essential vitamins and minerals that are added to balance the nutrition in the formulas are not available in a certified organic form. This is allowed under USDA organic certification requirements. 

However, all the remaining ingredients were produced without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. This sets Karma apart as leading holistic dog food, setting a tough standard to follow. Organic certification is provided through OneCert, an international organic certification board.

Ingredients in Karma True to Its Promise of Quality 

Karma seems to include high-quality ingredients in their products. Because of the challenge of developing quality, organic dog food, Karma currently has only one product: their Organic Dry Dog Food. The formula contains organic chicken, vegetables, and fruits, as well as select organic grains. No wheat or corn is contained in the formula, making it a great choice for dogs with sensitivities.

Environmental Considerations Karma’s food is packaged in eco-friendly bags. They are completely biodegradable and repulpable, except for the seal used to seal the bags. Karma considers this just one more step in providing a wholesome environment for your favorite pets.

The Bottom Line on Karma If organic is important to you, then Karma seems to be an excellent choice. It would be nice to see more selection in their food choices, but perhaps this will come with time. Overall, the brand seems environmentally conscious and focused on providing optimal nutrition for canine health. 

With numerous checks and balances along the way, from food sources to the manufacturing process, and even shipment standards, Karma invests time, energy, and money to produce what they feel is the highest quality food possible for your dog’s health.

Types of Karma Dog Food Products:

Karma Organic Dry Dog Food

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