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Can Betta Fish and Turtles Live Together?

can betta fish and turtles live together
I’ve been thinking about putting my beta fish into the aquarium with my pet turtle and I’m wondering if it is safe or not. I have read some information online regarding that turtles don’t necessarily go after certain fish because they look a weird color to them if they’re not used to it. 

Betta fish is a male species and he has very vibrant colors and I don’t think my turtle would even touch him because of his weird colors. I need some personal opinions from people that may have done this or maybe they just can give me some guided information thank you.

1. Thegreenmile Replied:

I have had pet turtles for around 10 years now and you really never know what type officially going to go after due to my experience. Can personally tell you that fish is the number one most important thing that turtles feet on and if they get hungry enough I don’t think there’s a type of fish that they’re not going to eat. 

With that being said I would say if you don’t care about your betta fish you should put it in there but if you care about it maybe you should not put it in there. Just seems like common sense to me of how the food chain works here and if your turtle gets hungry know if he’s going to eat it. 

2. Chimpanzee Replied:

The funny thing about turtles is they might go for a year without touching that fish and I’ve had this happen to me too but then all of a sudden one Day just strike it to kill it and they don’t even eat it. I think turtles are a little different and let me think they ours far as being friends with fish and I don’t think they are ever going to get along properly. I have even seen turtles kill fish four times their size just by nipping at the bottom of the fish where all of the organs are.

3. Hippopotamus Replied:

We once had a very large Koi fish that we really cared about and we were told that because of its large size the turtle will not bother it. One day we came home and the fish was laying upside down dead in the aquarium and we can’t really say anything about what happened except for the fish who died. You can find some good foods to eat for turtles here. You think maybe the turtle when after the fish and maybe give it some stress or anxiety and that was enough to just kill the fish there.

4. Catwhaleant Replied:

There any bite marks out of your Koi fish because if that wasn’t I’m doubting that the turtle went after it and what size turtle did you guys have? I’ve had large fish with my turtles with no issues for a very long time now and I’m convinced that if the fish is large enough you’re safe to be for your fish not getting harmed.

5. Frogsquid Replied:

The turtle was around 5 inches long and the Cornish was pretty big maybe around 15 inches saw in the war no bite marks out of the Koi fish if that helps you. The answer that I know for sure that the turtle did it but I think maybe something happened between maternal and fish or maybe just the Koi did not like living with him. Long story short we don’t really keep fish that we care about our turtle tanks anymore and I don’t think any of you should do the same.

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