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How to Stop My Parrot From Biting Me

How to Stop My Parrot From Biting Me

How Do I Get My Quaker Parrot to Stop Biting?

"Sunny" is 6 months old. There are many people in my household and he only bites two people. My husband and my sister. We can't figure out why he just bites them and I would love to get the bird to be nice to them so they can enjoy him too.

When Quaker Parrots don’t master cooperative behavior as well as limitations associated with suitable conduct by the time they attain sexual maturity, they are often totally unmanageable. As a matter of fact, Quaker Parrots may actually discover cooperative behavior optimally soon after weaning. 

Or else it’s extremely simple for them to acquire territorial and hostile actions throughout the developmental time period occasionally known as the “terrible twos” (this generally hits Quakers from about 12-18 months, however, is visible sooner).

We cannot deal with bad conduct in Quakers with punishment. We have to assist the bird to create productive habits to guarantee its happy lifestyle. Just about all habits are composed of a number of habits that are regularly reenacted. Co-operation may be habitual. Biting and going after could be habitual. 

stop parrot biting
A companion Quaker parrot that understands to repeatedly interact personally will be less probable to express hostility towards people or to try and control people within the surroundings. To be able to produce excellent habits and also to generate a routine of cooperation in the bird’s conduct, we practice a few active exercises step-ups, and the towel game most times in neutral territory.


To be able to assume the parrot to respond dependably in the cage or some other established area, the quaker should first be patterned using typical and varied step-up exercises to cooperate in neutral territory. A bird that won’t cooperate in the neutral territory will most likely typically refuse to cooperate in its own territory. In the bird’s first days in your home, daily step-up exercise includes:

  • Stepping the bird upward from a new fixed perch to a hand
  • Stepping the parrot up from hand to hand
  • Stepping the bird on and off hand-held perches

Afterward once the parrot is producing its regular Quaker tendency to guard the parrot cage or whenever it’s feeling feisty for any additional reason, the behavior of co-operation is usually preserved, without having fear of nipping, by managing the bird with handheld perches. 

Hand-held perches might be from time to time required or necessary for some people in the bird’s established territory, as a typical Quaker Parrot may act like a total brat towards most people in the cage and a perfect little bird away from it.

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