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How Difficult is Parrot Training? and All Pet Birds

parrot training
Parrot training is something that every parrot owner should take very seriously because it is absolutely vital if you want to have a healthy, sociable, and well-balanced pet that won’t develop behavioral problems. When done correctly, this training isn’t difficult, because parrots are extremely intelligent, and they have an aptitude, and a desire, for learning new things.

To be effective, parrot training sessions should be kept short (i.e. no more than ten minutes at a time), to avoid tiring the bird. If you make them too long, your pet will become over-tired, and he will see training sessions as a negative experience. You should also do the training somewhere that is quiet, well-lit, and without any distractions. Also, make sure that you are ready for the training session – only commence if you are feeling relaxed, and you have got a lot of patience.

The first training that you should undertake is to get your bird to step up onto your finger, or onto your arm if it is a large parrot. This is something that the bird will have to do often during its life if you want to enjoy handling him. To teach a parrot to do this, you simply place your finger in front of him, and using a very calm, low voice to ask him to step up. 

parrot target training
If a bit of encouragement is required, you can offer the bird a piece of food, but only give it to him after he has stepped up. If you want to, you can use this technique to teach your parrot other simple ‘tricks’ such as turning around, but I personally am not interested in having a performing parrot – I like to simply focus on getting him used to being handled.

A lot of people want to teach their parrot to speak, especially if it shrieks a lot! However, although most parrot species have the ability to talk, not all of them will. Please remember this, and don’t lose your patience with your pet if it remains stubbornly silent. Some parrots naturally mimic sounds without you teaching them, such as the telephone ringing. If your parrot does this, it is a very good indication that he will be a good talker.

To teach a parrot to talk, just pick a simple word (e.g. hello), and slowly repeat it over and over to the bird. When your bird attempts to copy what you have said, you can reward him with a piece of food to reinforce the behavior. Do not try to increase your bird’s vocabulary by more than one word at a time.

If you take your time, and you are patient, parrot training isn’t at all difficult, and it is also very rewarding. You will be surprised how quickly your parrot will pick things up, and the interaction you have with him will make him a much more healthy, well-balanced, and sociable bird.

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