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HealthWise Dog Food Reviews


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Healthwise Dog Food Products

Quality Control for the Best Product - HealthWise places a high priority on the quality of their dog food formulas

John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins founded Natura Pet Products in 1992. Their passion was to create a wide variety of pet food products using the healthiest ingredients possible. To accomplish this goal, they worked with some of the best veterinarians, breeders, and nutritionists to answer one key question – “How can we make pet food healthier?” Here are some of the lessons they learned which shape their company philosophy:

Healthwise Dog Food Products:

Healthwise -
HealthWise Chicken Meal and Oatmeal Adult Dry Dog Food
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Healthwise -
HealthWise Chicken Meal and Oatmeal Weight Control Dry Dog Food
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Healthwise -
HealthWise Lamb Meal and Oatmeal Adult Dry Dog Food
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High-Quality Wholesome Foods Are Best 

Whole grains combined with fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins are much healthier for dogs. The nutritional value is greater, and the intense concentration of nutrients provides all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs in a smaller portion.

Whole, Unaltered Foods Provide the Most Nutrition 

Nature knows how to provide for its own. The unaltered fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in natural ingredients are indeed the best formula for our dogs.

A Highly Controlled Preparation Process Preserves the Natural Nutrients  

HealthWise products are constantly checked and double-checked in order to provide the tastiest and healthiest dog food on the market today.

No Artificial Ingredients 

Only wholesome and natural ingredients are found in HealthWise dog food formulas. You won’t find any artificial preservatives, colors, or additive ingredients that supposedly “enhance” the dog food. Nutra dog food developers believe that completely natural ingredients are best.

HealthWise Focuses on Growing a Healthy Skin and Coat 

A dog’s skin and coat benefit most from a high protein diet packed with meat, fats, and oils. Other dog foods may resort to vegetable proteins and cheap sources of fat, but HealthWise is committed to providing real meat proteins, fats, and oils in order to help your pet grow a strong and glossy coat that covers healthy skin.

Formulas are Adjusted as Discoveries are Made 

HealthWise dog food formulas aren’t finished being developed. As the world of dog nutrition expands, HealthWise formulas adjust to meet the needs of your pet.

As each recipe is developed and manufactured, it proceeds through over 100 quality control checks before reaching your retailer’s shelves.

The first important step is finding an ingredients supplier who provides the manufacturing plant with a variety of fresh and natural fruits, vegetable, protein, and carbohydrate sources. Each ingredient is delivered raw and subject to inspection, analysis, and traceability.

Once the ingredients have arrived, a cook follows the well-developed recipe to ensure your pet will get the nutritional value he needs with each meal. During cooking, various check points are reached and the formula is tested to be sure all specifications are being met.

After the dog food is done, it’s packed for ultimate freshness. It undergoes one more quality test, then is sent to retailers around the nation!

The Dog Food for Your Pet

With its high nutritional content, quality ingredients, and controlled method of cooking, we’re sure that your pet will benefit from this vitamin-packed meal!

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