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Great Life Dog Food Reviews: Quality ingredients



In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Great Life Dog Food Products

Great Life produces premium dog and cat food, healthy organic pet treats, and pet supplements to contribute to lasting wellness. The company's dog food recipes feature freeze-dried ingredients that include a full spectrum of vital nutrients. Each main ingredient is raw and freeze-dried, a choice that the manufacturer advertises as a natural, flavorful method to produce recipes that are rich in nutrients. 

The dog food formulas include protein, organic greens, enzymes, fruits and vegetables, and pre and probiotics. Before packaging, the kibbles are enclosed in wild salmon oil to supply natural antioxidants. According to Great Life, its products do not need to be refrigerated, giving customers a mess-free, low-cost dog food product.

Great Life Dog Food Products:

Great Life : Lamb, Barley, Oatmeal
New Zealand Lamb Dry Dog Food
Review by:
Great Life: Duck, Blueberries
Peking Duck Canned Dog Food
Review by:
Great Life: Chicken, Blueberries, Tomatoes
Chicken Parmigiana Canned Dog Food
Review by:
Great Life : Chicken, Tapioca, Jicama
Grain-Free Open Range Chicken Dry Dog Food
Review by:
Great Life: Pork, Ribs, Blueberries
Baby Back Ribs Canned Dog Food
Review by:
Great Life: Lamb, Blueberries
Irish Lamb Stew Canned Dog Food
Review by:
Great Life: Buffalo, Blueberries
Frontier Buffalo Canned Dog Food
Review by:

Company History

Great Life Performance Pet Products was founded in 1996 by author and nutrition expert Elliott Harvey MH. After writing the widely acclaimed book, The Healthy Holistic Dog, related to natural healing, Elliott Harvey MH recognized a need for healthy, high-quality pet products. His work is based on field studies and nutritional studies, along with years of experience in working with animals. 

The founder designed a product line of natural pet products using ingredients that are organic and natural in order to provide customers with a holistic approach to dog nutrition. Elliott Harvey MH continues to write articles related to animal wellness and stays current in the field of dog nutrition in order to provide reliable dog food products.

Quality ingredients

Great Life uses high-quality ingredients, sourced from locations across the United States, in order to provide customers with safe, nutritious dog food recipes. The company guarantees that all of its organic ingredients have been Certified Organic by a third party lab. Before production, the manufacturer subjects ingredients to rigorous lab analysis, checking for potency, purity, and potential toxins or micro-toxins that could be found in the ingredients. 

Results of the lab analysis are examined before the ingredients are shipped to the manufacturing plant. In addition to the lab analysis, all protein ingredients are inspected for hormones, antibiotics, and diseases, and proteins showing the slightest irregularity are excluded from Great Life products.

Production methods

Great Life guarantees that its products are carefully inspected at each step of manufacturing in order to ensure quality and safety. Great Life produces its dog food formulas at production facilities that have been certified by multiple U.S. government agencies to be safe for manufacturing pet food. The company runs its own line of production in Texas, hiring a quality control employee specifically to examine its products. 

Great Life retains samples of all production runs for at least twelve months in case the further examination is necessary. In addition, Midwest Labs routinely tests Great Life products for ingredient activity levels and possible contaminants. Their on-site health inspector provides additional security, and Great Life advertises that its products have never had a recall. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently gave Great Life a 0% problem rating, finding no detrimental product correspondence while testing.

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