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Exotic Pet Birds– What You Need to Know First

Not everyone would be happy with a plain canary for a pet bird. Most of the birds in the pet trade are more exotic and can be found as wild birds in Asia, Africa, or Australia.

There are a number of exotic bird species that can be acquired as pets, and most of them are part of the parrot family of birds. The macaw, cockatoo, cockatiel, parakeet, conure, and even the pretty lovebird are all part of the parrot family.

Besides the parrots, there are also tiny finches that make good pets. The most popular species is the zebra finch. They aren't as bright as the parrots but do have some stunning stripes and patterns in their feathers. Finches are good pet birds for beginners because they are less demanding than most parrots.

No matter what kind of pet bird you choose, you will require the same bird supply for them all. First, a good birdcage that is large enough to allow your bird to open up its wings fully without touching the bars. Look around to find the right kind of bird food for your bird. You might be surprised that most pet birds won't do well on the same wild bird seed you use to in your outside bird feeder. 

best exotic birds as pets
All birds will become bored if left in a bare birdcage all day long. Get plenty of bird toys for your pet. Toys shouldn't be indestructible either. Reducing a toy to splinters is half the fun for a bird. When you are looking for a bird for sale, look for one that has been hand-fed while being raised. Hand-fed birds are usually much tamer and affectionate towards people.

Not sure which bird is right for you? There are several good bird magazines on the market that can give you some insight into the various exotic bird species.

Exotic Birds List: Most Amazing That Will Blow Your Mind

Birds scattered throughout the world have diverse shapes and breeds. There are even certain birds that can't fly. In addition to these types of birds, there are also exotic birds. The bird has a unique color, a different shape. It shows the intrinsic diversity of nature.

Speaking of Exotic Birds is subjective, everyone has their own tastes. Some focus on his melodious voice, some see his appearance, some are interested in his uniqueness. Basically, all animals are god's creations. However, there are some special species that have striking features. So birds are often included in the list as Exotic Birds.

List Of Exotic Birds

# Caiques

No  Caiques Bird
1 Black Headed Caique
2 White Bellied Caique

# Toucans

No Toucans Bird
1 Toco Toucan
2 Keel Bill Toucan

# Amazons

No  Amazons Bird
1 Blue Mutation Yellow Naped Amazon
2 Bodini’s Amazon (Rare)
3 Yellow Naped Amazon
4 Orange Winged Amazon
5 Spectacled Amazon
6 Red Lored Amazon
7 Mexican Red Headed Amazon
8 Yellow Crowned Amazon
9 Chaco Blue Fronted Amazon
10 Mealy Amazon
11 Yellow Shouldered Amazon
12 Double Yellow Headed Amazon
13 Blue Fronted Amazon
14 White Front Amazon
15 Hispania Amazon
16 Yellow Lored Amazon (Rare)
17 Lilac Crowned Amazon
18 Lilasea Lilac (Hybrid) Amazon

# Conures

No   Conures Bird
1 High Red Factor Pineapple Conure
2 Turquoise Green Cheek Conure
3 Turquoise Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure
4 Brown Throated Conure
5 Jenday Conure
6 Blue Crown Conure
7 Nanday Conure
8 Yellow Sided Conure
9 Blue Throated Conure
10 Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure
11 Half Moon Conure
12 Red Factor Conure
13 Red Faced Green Cheek Conure
14 Peach Front Conure
15 Cherry Head Conure
16 Pineapple Green Cheek Conure
17 Sun Conure
18 Green Cheek Conure
19 Turquoise Yellowsided Green Cheek Conure
20 White Eyed Conure
21 Rosen Fronz Conure
22 Gold Cap Conure
23 Maroon Bellied Conure
24 Dusky Conure
25 Super Sun Conure
26 Turquoise Pineapple Green Cheek Conure
27 Mitred Conure
28 Black Capped Conure

# Mynahs

No  Mynahs Bird
1 Common Mynah
2 Greater Indian Hill Mynah

# Cockatoos

No Cockatoos Bird 
1 Cross Lesser/Medium Sulphur Cockatoo
2 Umbrella Cockatoo
3 Galerita Galerita Cockatoo
4 Goffin Cockatoo
5 Great Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
6 Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
7 Red Vent Cockatoo
8 Ducorps Cockatoo
9 Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo
10 Triton Cockatoo
11 Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
12 Citron Cockatoo
13 Mobrella Cockatoo
14 Black Palm Cockatoo
15 Bare Eyed Cockatoo
16 Moluccan Cockatoo
17 Slender Billed Cockatoo
18 Rose Breasted Cockatoo

# Cockatiels

No Cockatiels Bird 
1 Lutino
2 Dominant Yellow Cheek
3 Pearl Pied
4 White Face
5 Cinnamon Pied
6 Cinnamon
7 Cinnamon Pearl
8 Albino
9 White Faced Pied
10 White Face Pearl
11 Cinnamon Pearl White Face
12 Pearl or Pied
13 Normal Grey
14 Cinnamon Pied White Face

# Lovebirds

No   Lovebirds
1 Dominant Pied Lovebird
2 Peachface Lovebird
3 Hybrid Lovebird
4 Creamino Lovebird
5 Masked Lovebird
6 Fischer Lovebird

# Parrotlets

No Parrotlets Bird 
1 Albino Parrotlet
2 Yellow
3 Hybrid Parrotlet
4 Ice Blue
5 Blue, Pied, White
6 Green

# Eclectus

No  Eclectus Bird
1 Male Eclectus
2 Female/Male Vos Maeri Eclectus
3 Female/Male Solomon Island
4 Female/Male Red Sided
5 Female Eclectus

# African Greys

No African Greys Bird 
1 Congo African Grey
2 Timneh African Grey

# Poicephalus

No Poicephalus Bird 
1 Senegal Parrot
2 Red Bellied Parrot
3 Meyer’s Parrot
4 Jardine’s Parrot
5 Cape Parrot

# Lories

No Lories Bird 
1 Black Lory
2 Blue Mountain Lory
3 Blue Nape Lory
4 Blue Streak Lory
5 Chattering Lory
6 Dusky Lory
7 Duyvenbode Lory
8 Green Nape Lory
9 Mitchell’s Rainbow Lory
10 Perfect Lory
11 Rainbow Lory
12 Red Lory
13 Swainson Lory
14 Yellow Streak Lory

# Lorikeets

No Lorikeets Bird
1 Goldie’s Lorikeet

# Macaws

No Macaws Bird
1 Scarlet Macaw
2 Military Macaw
3 Illiger’s Macaw
4 Red Fronted Macaw
5 Camelot Macaw
6 Calico Macaw
7 Tropicana Macaw (Rare)
8 Ruby Macaw
9 Blue & Gold Macaw
10 Hyacinth Macaw – From John Meade Collection
11 Miligold Macaw
12 Green Wing Macaw
13 Noble Macaw
14 Flame Macaw
15 Catalina Macaw
16 Hahn’s Macaw
17 Blue Throated Macaw
18 Yellow Collared Macaw
19 Shamrock Macaw
20 Severe Macaw
21 Harlequin Macaw
22 Buffon’s Macaw

# Toucanettes

No Toucanettes Bird 
1 Swaison Toucanet
2 Emerald Toucanet
3 Crimson Toucanet
4 Collard Aracari Toucanet
5 Aracari Toucanet

# Parakeets

No Parakeets Bird
1 Green Greywing Lineolated Parakeet
2 Red Rump
3 Princess of Wales
4 Opaline Rosey Bourke Parakeet
5 English Parakeet
6 Lineolated Parakeet
7 Turquoise Greywing Lineolated Parakeet

# Pionus

No Pionus Bird
1 White Capped Pionus
2 Maximillian Pionus
3 Dusky Pionus
4 Bronze Winged Pionus
5 Blue Headed Pionus

# Miscellaneous Parrots

No Miscellaneous Parrots Bird
1 Brown Headed Parrot
2 Canary Winged Bee Bee
3 Hawk Headed Parrot
4 Port Lincoln Parrot
5 Rosey Bourkes

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