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Eagle Pack Dog Food Reviews



In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Eagle Pack Dog Food Products

Eagle Pack was founded in 1970, with its original product called Hy-Ration dog food. The company worked closely with top mushers to develop performance food for active, athletic dogs. Its American-made recipes are designed to give dogs the nutrition they need in order to maintain healthy, energetic lifestyles. 

Eagle Pack launched a Holistic Select Line in 2000, and the company was acquired by Swander Pace Capital in 2004. Berwind Corporation purchased Eagle Pack Pet Foods in 2007 and combined the brand with Old Mother Hubbard to create WellPet LLC in 2008. Eagle Pack is now headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, with products sold throughout the United States and Canada.

Eagle Pack Dog Food Product :


Carefully Selected Ingredients

Eagle Pack advertises that its ingredients are chosen carefully for their nutritious value. The company specializes in food for large dogs, although formulas are available for both large and small dogs. Each formula includes multiple animal protein sources to support strong, well-toned muscles in a balanced diet. Oatmeal and brown rice supply fiber for good digestion and firm, compact stools. 

The recipes are fortified with vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants help keep the immune system functioning well. Since Eagle Pack specifically targets active dogs, its recipes include flaxseed for healthy coat and skin and glucosamine for healthy joints. All formulas are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Quality Commitment

Eagle Pack shares a commitment to providing dog food formulas at the highest levels of safety and quality. The company uses a quality assurance program in order to ensure that each batch of dog food is safe and nutritious for dogs to eat. Eagle Pack states that its program meets and exceeds the standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pet food. 

By applying the same guidelines to pet food as to food for people, Eagle Pack enforces stringent criteria for food safety, ensuring a product that is completely safe for dogs. The company inspects and regulars quality at each stage of the production process. Incoming ingredients are carefully selected and screened from suppliers that are chosen for their quality products. 

Product formulas are created by Eagle Pack, and each batch of dog food is inspected for safety throughout production. The company states that this concern for quality continues through the packing and shipping process to eliminate damage.

The Iditarod

Eagle Pack is proud to be the official dog food for the Iditarod, providing food for champion teams of sled dogs for over 25 years. The Iditarod called the Last Great Race on Earth, crosses the rugged Alaskan landscape for 1,049 miles of intense trails. 

Eagle Pack continues to work together with top mushers and dog breeders in order to formulate dog food recipes that will support and promote the highly energetic lifestyle of sled dogs across Canada and the United States. The company advertises that its recipes are tried and true based on the performance of these Alaskan sled racers.

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