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Cesar Dog Food Review & Ingredients Analysis


Cesar Dry Dog Food Reviews

In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Cesar Dog Food Products

Focus on small dogs: a special niche in the market of dog food manufacturers

Knowing that small breed dogs have nutritional needs unique to their size, Cesar creates recipes designed specifically to meet these needs. Each formula is carefully balanced to supply the levels of nutrition that a small dog needs and the manufacturer believes that customers will be able to find the diet that even the most selective dog will appreciate. 

The company provides a wide variety of moist food options for dogs, including breakfast menus, gourmet filets served in flavorful sauces, and entrees featuring names comparable to actual human meals. In addition to dog food recipes, Cesar also sells several dog treat selections, each containing treats that is sized to accommodate a small dog's mouth.

Cesar Dry Dog Food Product :


Company History

Cesar is a dog food brand produced under Mars, Inc. Mars has produced dog food recipes since purchasing Kal Kan Foods, Inc., in 1968, when the company was the company was already established as the largest packer of dog food in the world. After acquiring Kal Kan, Mars built additional pet food manufacturing plants across the United States. Mars also created the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, which enabled the company to study the nutritional needs and preferences of pets. These studies help Mars to create dog foods tailored just right for dogs.

As pet owners began to show interest in caring specifically for animal nutrition, Mars took advantage of the changing market by further expanding its line of dog food products. The company developed lines of products in the area of specialty dog foods, but unlike other manufacturers, Mars made its products available directly from supermarkets. 

The company seeks to reach the general public with its products rather than limiting their availability to select customer markets. Cesar products can be purchased not only through veterinarians, but also online and through most large grocery and pet stores.


Cesar's Commitment to Therapy Dogs

Cesar sets itself apart from other dog food manufacturers by its commitment to supporting therapy dogs. The company partners with therapy dog organizations in order to promote the health and care of these carefully trained dogs. Knowing that close, loving relationships with dogs can significantly contribute to the happiness and health of people in need, Cesar recognizes and honors dogs that are helping people every day. 

Whether these dogs are aiding those who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or otherwise limited, Cesar believes that their services are valuable and deserve financial support and public recognition.

Cesar has partnered specifically with the American Humane Association to provide Hero Dog Awards for deserving therapy dogs. Each dog entered in the contest was nominated and voted for by customers based on videos and stories. 

Voting customers enabled Cesar to raise many donations for the American Humane Association, allowing the manufacturer to help make a difference for dogs and people in need. Funds raised in the project will help other therapy dogs be placed with deserving owners.

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