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Cat Freaks Out: How To Deal With That?

cat freaks out

How to Deal with the Cat Shower Freak Out

The cat shower freak out might be one of the challenges when we are taking care of a cat. That is the common problem that often happens when we are taking the cat for a shower. No cat loves water even warm water. That is the fact which we need to realize but actually when we take care of the cat, 

We have to ensure the body hygiene of the cat so that it will also be that clean and also away from various kinds of diseases which can happen to the people in the home. The clean cat will be that safe to be inside the home, even for people who have kids so that we do not need to worry about anything.

That is the reason why it is important for us to also groom the cats regularly including taking the cat to wash the body or to take a shower regularly, at least once in two or three weeks. Sometimes, we feel it is such the worse challenge since commonly they will meow in the different yet shrilly,

Then most will try to escape even they will try to paw and bite us who are washing the cat. It is such a common experience but actually, we need the right trick for dealing with that. It is needed for avoiding the risk of the cat being that depressed and trauma on taking a shower. Here are some tips which we can try then in order to make it much easier.

Consider the Right Water and Prepare Anything

cat freaks out on bed
Good preparation needs to be done well first. That is including preparing the water. You need to choose to use warm water for washing your cat since warm water can reduce the cat shower freak out. It will also give a relaxing feel to the cat. Then, never forget to also prepare anything well, as like the shampoo, sponge, brush, towel, and any other things. Then, if you are already sure everything has been ready, you can go to prepare your cat to have a shower.

Make the Cat Gets a Bit Comfort in the Shower Area

What you also need to consider is about making your cat feels the comfort with less worry when it is getting inside the bathroom. That can be done by giving it the favorite foods of your cat, as like tuna crunch, or anything else. Do not directly wash the cat before you are really sure your cat is already ready. In order to deal with the cat shower freak out, you can also do this duty with an assistant, as like your kid, your mom, or anyone else.

Do It Slowly but Sure

The key for you on dealing with the cat shower freak out is about doing it slowly but surely. Do not in hurry and do not be panic since that will also make your cat feel the same. That is including on making the cat wet. You can simply make the cat feel the warmth of the water so that the cat would not feel too worried and scared. That can be done by trying to wet the cat’s feet first, then a little bit adds some more.

Dry the Cat Properly and Make your Cat Relaxed

After the cat is clean and washed properly, then you need to make the cat to feel some relaxation since of course no matter what the cat feels that really tense. You can simply give the cat its favourite food while you are drying the body using the hairdryer. You also can do it while rubbing the body of the cat gently. That will be a good idea for the cat’s relaxation after dealing with the cat shower freak out.

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