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Cat Barking Cough: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Cat barking cough is one of the health problems often faced by the feline. Cough in cats can be a sign of any reflection. It often occurs when there is something that irritates parts of the respiratory system such as the throat, air passage, or lungs. Irritation happens as the cat’s body responds to that strange object. It serves as an essential mechanism of the body to protect the respiratory system to be endangered by those objects as well as removing infectious traits from the cat’s body. 

The cough which happens on cats comes in different types including barking cough. Each type commonly has a different cause so that it can be used to choose the right treatment. It will be better if you meet the veterinarian in order to identify the types of sound as well as find out the cause of it. Then, the veterinarian will help to give the solution about it.

Causes of cat cough

There are numerous causes that can result in cough in cats. It might be an infection that attacks the upper respiratory system, allergies, or a hairball. The majority of cough causes often can be treated at home but if it does not show significant progression, then the cough might develop worse. 

Hence, you need to bring the pet to the veterinarian for more proper care. Hairball is known to be one of the most common causes of cough in cats. Cough caused by hairball often sounds dry and hacking since it triggers the hairball to be removed.

Cough also can be due to infection in the upper respiratory system. If so, the symptoms which might appear will be similar to cold. If the cough only appears when the cats exercise, then it commonly causes by acute bronchitis. Meanwhile, if you find out that the cat experiences difficulty breathing while coughing, it can be a sign of cat asthma. 

Barking cough also can be the result of serious diseases in cats. For example, it might occur due to fungal infection, heartworm, or fungal infection. The cough which resulted from serious diseases most likely comes with other symptoms so that it has more than one symptom.

Treatments for cough

Different causes of cough frequently require different treatment. Hence, it is important to get your cat diagnosed previously so that you will know the real cause of it. If the cause of cough is heartworm, your cat will require supportive care which can help to make the breathing process easy such as bronchodilators. If it already in severe condition, medication can be given to kill the heartworm although it can be a little bit risky. 

If feline asthma is the real culprit behind the cough, steroids can be used in order to reduce the ongoing inflammation. Both oral and inhaler form can be used. Bronchodilators will also help to open up the air passage. If the barking cough is due to hairball, then your veterinarian usually suggests performing a particular diet for a hairball. It includes bran, pumpkin, or lubricants on the cat's daily diet. This method helps the cat easier in getting rid of cat barking cough.

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