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California Natural Dog Food Reviews


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all California Natural Dog Food Products

California Natural offers completely natural pet products

California Natural advertises its products as a healthy alternative to standard pet food formulas. By using only one primary source of protein, the company is able to provide a high-quality solution for cats and dogs that are allergic to certain standard ingredients in pet food. The company’s slogan is “Pure & Simple,” and it claims that all ingredients are precisely that.

California Natural Dog Food Product :

In keeping with providing pure and simple ingredients, California Natural avoids using wheat, soy, and corn, which are known to be associated with allergies in some pets. In addition, the manufacturer does not use any artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives, and the formulas contain no by-product ingredients. 

Instead, California Natural uses ingredients that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, and Vitamin E, among other natural ingredients. Since recent studies suggest that some pets can benefit from consuming Taurine, the manufacturer also includes this amino acid in some formulas.

History and philosophy of California Natural

California Natural is part of Natura Pet Products, a company started in 1992 by Peter Atkins and John and Ann Rademakers. Founded in Santa Clara, California, the company seeks to improve the health value of dog and cat foods available in the market. These founders were dissatisfied with the current options and decided to meet with experts in veterinary nutrition to come up with better ingredient sources for pet food.

After significant consultation with caring professionals, Natura developed its nutritional philosophy. The manufacturer states several key points. California Natural is committed to using only ingredients of the highest quality, offering food that is rich and dense in vital nutrients. By sourcing whole ingredients, the company seeks to provide balanced natural nutrition in contrast with standard fractionated grains.

The formulating process is carefully monitored with heat and quality checks, and no artificial ingredients are included. In addition, the manufacturer chooses ingredients that are designed to promote healthy skin and coat for pets by using high-quality meats, fats, and oils. The company continues to test its products and adjust according to research results in order to provide a healthy diet.

Manufacturing Quality

California Natural is committed to using high-quality manufacturing procedures. Throughout the process, rigorous checks are performed in order to release a safe and nutritious pet food diet. The first inspection is the selection of quality ingredients before they are even processed into pet food. When the ingredients are selected and delivered, they are again inspected and sometimes tested for potential toxins that may occur naturally. 

Each recipe is checked multiple times, and the cooking process is monitored according to clear specifications. The finished product is also tested for potential problems, including cyanuric acid and melamine. Finally, all products are carefully packages and clearly traceable in case any concerns arise later in the process. Occasional checks are performed by experienced technicians in the product characteristics of color and aroma. These measures ensure healthy, safe dog food.

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