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By Nature Dog Food Reviews: In-Depth Analysis


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all By Nature Products

By Nature produces organic and natural pet foods

By Nature offers a wide variety of products including natural dry dog and cat food, organic dry dog and cat food, and a line of 95% meat, grain-free canned food recipes for dogs and cats. A newer line is the canned entrees dog food, which provides combination meals with meat, fruits, and vegetables. The manufacturer sources the majority of its ingredients from the United States and Canada, with lamb from New Zealand and vitamins and minerals from Asia.

By Nature Dog Foods Product :

by nature dog food reviews

By Nature’s dry formulas are meat and grain-based, with a heavier concentration on carbohydrates and fiber. The company avoids the more controversial grains such as corn and wheat, using instead barley, oats, and rice for its formulas. By Nature’s canned food that features 95% meat, the grain-free diet contains high levels of protein sourced directly from meat. The only additional ingredients are supplemental vitamins and minerals.

History of By Nature Pet Foods

Located in beautiful New England, By Nature has been manufacturing pet foods for 140 years. The company states that it is committed to providing high-quality treats and foods for pets, using ingredients that provide the ideal nutritional value for each pet. The manufacturer continues to develop new products on a regular basis and sells its foods online and through retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

By Nature is part of Kent Nutrition Group, a company committed to providing for the nutritional needs of pets and livestock. By Nature carries the Blue Seal® brand, which was started in 1868 by HK Webster. Webster began by developing a quality horse feed in his little New England town near the Merrimack River. 

His hometown tradition continues as the brand remains with a family-owned company that is focused on a simple country lifestyle. Blue Seal advertises that its products support both a livelihood and a way of life by committing to innovation, craftsmanship, and quality in producing feed for a wide range of animals.

By Nature’s commitment to animals

The manufacturer is dedicated to treating and caring for pets in a humane way. Stating that all research for its pet foods is performed with cats and dogs in shelters or homes, the company affirms that it focuses on two main factors in producing its pet foods. First, all products receive a taste test with the employees’ pets. Also, By Nature works together closely with humane societies to make sure that its products are of the highest quality in both flavor and pet nutrition.

By Nature is also committed to helping animals in distress. The company regularly donates food to nonprofit organizations and animal shelters, helping pets maintain the nutritional needs to be adopted into loving and healthy homes. 

One program that By Nature supports is NEADS, which provides assistance dogs to veterans who are experiencing emotional or physical injuries. By Nature has donated dog food to this program to support both the pets and the returning veterans in this companionship program.

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