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Buying a Parrot Means New Responsibilities

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Buying a Pet Parrot Means New Responsibilities

Having a pet parrot is great fun but it also works - more work than a lot of other pets like cats and dogs. Having a pet parrot is like having a companion with you all the time. There is a lot to do to keep them happy and healthy. It’s important that someone getting started with parrots knows exactly what’s involved and what their bird will expect. Once you are willing to except the responsibility of a pet parrot the fun and enjoyment you will get is tremendous.

Parrots Can Be Somewhat Temperamental

When your parrot wants attention it wants attention now. You’d better be ready to give to him. They need a lot of handling from a good pet guardian. That is you. It may not sound like a lot of fun but it really can be. It is a process that both you and your parrot need to get used to. Meeting your parrot’s needs is important. Not to can result in a very unhappy and unhealthy bird. You know what that can mean – big veterinarian bills!

You have to feed your pet parrot the right diet, give it the right house, toys, friends, and things to do. It will become not just a pet parrot but a parrot companion. Remember a parrot is a wild bird and always will be. It is not domesticated in any way like dogs or cats. It has the same wild instincts in captivity as it did in the wild.

You will want to parrot-proof your home much the same way parents childproof their home. Don’t forget while your pet parrot can open that cabinet under the sink like a child, it can also fly up and get into that storage space over the stove or refrigerator.  Parrots can eat through drywall and loves to pick at that chipping paint. And worst of all – it can disappear through the open window never to return.

You Need to Find a Good Spot in Your Home for Your Bird’s Housing 

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Parrots hate to be left alone to find a place that has a lot of traffic but is secure, close to a wall and out of drafts. The more space you can provide the better. If you can supply space for flying, that’s the best. Simple aviaries are great even if they are small in comparison to outside habitats.

Don’t forget the parrot toys and other paraphernalia. Parrots like things to play with and throw around. Fortunately, most pet stores that cater to birds have an almost endless supply of toys, perches, stands, cages, and more.

Providing the proper parrot care is the best thing you can do for your pet parrot. Providing a proper diet is critical. It takes a lot more than just a little seed and water to care for your bird. Healthy nutrition can help ensure a long and happy life for your bird. Although some species of parrots live longer than others, with good nutrition some parrots can live more than 80 years.

You Must Be Aware of the Things That Are Harmful to Parrots

Things that don’t bother us at all can be very toxic or deadly to parrots. The fumes from non-stick cookware, aerosol sprays, and avocadoes are deadly for your bird. Make sure you get established with an avian veterinarian in case something happens, your parrot does get sick or you have questions about its health. By far the biggest problem for parrots is poor nutrition. Birds that suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency are weakened and more likely to get other more serious diseases.

For many parrot behavior is a mystery. Why do they screech like that? Why did my parrot bite me? For most owners learning about their parrot’s behavior are a trial and error process. Most of what your bird does is for the benefit of other parrots. All the screaming, plucking, biting, and beak banging can become quite annoying. Because parrots weren’t really meant to be kept inside a home, they can come up with some really strange behaviors out of frustration and loneliness.

There Is a Lot to Learn About Being a Parrot Parent

There can be a lot of fun and enjoyment as you learn about your bird. Learning how to take good care of your pet parrot will help you become good friends and enjoy each other’s company. My latest book “The Ultimate Parrot Care Guide” covers all the things that you need to know to have great success with your new pet parrot. You can also sign up for my FREE minicourse on the secrets of parrot care.

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