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Trying to Find The Best Betta Fish Names of 2021

names of fish
Figuring out the perfect name for your pet can be a bit much to handle. On top of getting a new pet to your family, you also have to think of this quirky name for it. We all know pet names shouldn’t be too serious but still have to hold a good presence of a living creature. I’ve built up a list here to help others generate funny and quirky names for their pets. 

Trying to Find a Name for my Fish

I’m not an expert at it, but take a lot of pride in the matter of naming pets that are new to households. Just put it this way, I have lost hours upon hours of sleep thinking of those perfect names for my new pets. Not to mention the dozens of books I have on different names available.

Physical Appearance

Take a good look at your pet and think of what comes to mind. This gives you the right to stare at your pet for an hour-long and see what comes to mind. Just write down a bunch of things that first come to mind. An example, when I first looked at my cat. I thought of a cookie a person would eat. It sounds a bit corny at first but 4 years later and I’m still getting compliments on her name. Don’t be afraid to be corny or too goofy.

Attitude & Personality

betta fish names
All pets and animals have their own personalities just like us humans do. Maybe that dog does this funky thing with its tail and you want to call him “Thumper” because of it. That’s a terrible example but you get the idea. 

These are some of the best and funniest names because people are always going to ask you, “Why did you name your dog “Grumps” Following the question gets to be your answer regarding the goofy story behind the name. This is my all-time favorite way to name a pet. Personality can be a great way to nickname your pet as well.

Think Of The Future

That perfect name that sounds so great right now might not be 10 years down the road. Think of what the next ten years could entail for you and your pet. I always like to think of me yelling the let’s name for it to come to me. If I can see that pet being 5 years old and down the road in the future with the goofy nickname still feeling good to me… then it’s perfect. This is a common mistake for some pet owners. “Meet my new dog George Bush!”

A Past Hero Or Family

Some of us are more patriotic than others but using past-time heroes is not a bad route to go either. Past family names are great too. Maybe your great uncle Richard passed away in World War II and you want to nickname your dog Ricky after him. You can do so much with past names. The names aren’t so much as quirky but I’m sure you can make it a little more fun. It’s all about using your imagination and thinking outside the box a bit.

104 List Names of Fish:

  1.  Bicker
  2.  Deb
  3.  Sparkle
  4.  Airmashalljon
  5.  Goggle
  6.  Ernest
  7.  Dafishbowl
  8.  Valentine
  9.  Russel
  10.  Jimminy Cricke
  11.  Gold Fish
  12.  Siam
  13.  Crimson
  14.  Gandalf
  15.  Scooter
  16.  Spot
  17.  Bowswer
  18.  Fishi
  19.  Eedu
  20.  Draco
  21.  Confucious
  22.  Dad Fish
  23.  Punkin_Santana
  24.  Pumpkin
  25.  Sharky
  26.  Jax
  27.  Flash
  28.  Fishies
  29.  Fish
  30.  Electric
  31.  Spogbob
  32.  Fishy 1
  33.  Bubble Galaxy
  34.  Freckles
  35.  Sheen
  36.  Boo
  37.  Mango
  38.  Brat
  39.  Gilbert
  40.  Fiesty Da Fish
  41.  King Thaddeus
  42.  Mr Nibbles
  43.  Spike
  44.  Azzuri
  45.  Rainbow
  46.  Dr.Dre
  47.  Fred
  48.  Andro Sostar
  49.  Kujo
  50.  Princess
  51.  Marlboro
  52.  Da Ko
  53.  Spongebob
  54.  Mister Ed
  55.  Goldie
  56.  Johnston
  57.  Moon
  58.  Tuna
  59.  An Kai
  60.  Whatever
  61.  Bubbles
  62.  Britepix
  63.  Nemo
  64. Sushi
  65.  Ace
  66.  Butterbill-rip
  67.  Tony
  68.  Ninji
  69.  The Old Pleco
  70.  Comet&Lila
  71.  Little Boo
  72.  Fancy and Pal
  73.  Ariel
  74.  Jaques
  75.  Fresco
  76.  Mac cheese
  77.  Ernie
  78.  Fishy 3
  79.  Shimmerstriker
  80.  Skittles
  81.  Crabby
  82.  Ralph Hinkley
  83.  Prometheus
  84.  Choochoo
  85.  Houlio
  86.  Pamela
  87.  Ai Kaui
  88.  Squishy
  89.  Delos
  90.  Dr. Seuss
  91.  Slammin
  92.  Largent
  93.  Trouble
  94.  Lu
  95.  The Koi Family
  96.  Mr.Blacky
  97.  Scaley Friends
  98.  Fluffy
  99.  Quinn
  100.  Order
  101.  Casper
  102.  Fishy 2
  103.  Ernest
  104.  Paddy Bloo

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