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Best Vitamins For Cats: Why Are They So Important?

Vitamins for cats are not any less important than any other treatment if we own a cat. We should remember that an indoor cat is as vulnerable as a human. They can get stressed and even suffer from severe diseases if their health isn’t maintained well. As cats can’t take care of their health alone with the help the others, it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure their cats get the best nutrients they need to stay active and healthy. So, what exactly the vitamins and other nutrients needed by cats

You Need These Essential Vitamins for Cats


Vitamins from meats

Your cat needs about 25% meat in their daily foods. In the meat, the cat will get the amino acid taurine which is important for the cat’s health. It will help to avoid muscle degradation in cats, vulnerability, immunity, and the heart’s health.

Vitamin A

One of the most essential vitamins which are needed by your cats is vitamin A. This vitamin takes a vital role as it helps avoid night blindness and skin and/or hair irritation, as well as maximize the growth of the cats. You should ask your veterinarian whether to shoot the vitamin A or give your cats the vitamin A supplement for the routine intake.

Vitamin C and niacin

The next vitamins for cats are vitamin C and niacin. It’s important for you to give your cats water-soluble vitamins as well. Here, you can put vitamin C and niacin in the cat’s water. The niacin will boost the cat’s appetite while vitamin C supports collagen production. Both vitamins works together to maintain the health as well as the body and strength of the cats.

Essential fats

Aside from vitamins, cats also need essential fats. This type of fat help thrombosis in cats runs smoothly. Hence, when your cats get wounded from the scratches of their own claws, they will heal faster. The essential fats also supports the skin growth, maximize digestive track system and reproduction a system as well.


Cats need fiber as well to go against constipation problem. Constipation itself is such a serious problem for cat as it will weaken immune system to fight against diseases. Besides, fiber boosts immunity in the cat’s body.


The minerals need of cat is quite high in order to keep your cats healthy. As the owner of the cats you need to fulfill the minerals need of your cats by feeding them with foods containing magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphor, sodium chloride and iron.

Among the other treatments necessary, food is basically the most essential thing to keep in mind when you are about to take care of cat(s) as your pet. Just like human, cats need complex and comprehensive nutrients to stay healthy and pretty. As cats can’t take care of its own health, hence it is your responsibility as the cat’s owner to give it the best nutrients. Give your cats the foods which does not only contains vitamins for cats but other essential nutrients as well.

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