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Best Flea Treatment for Cats You Can Try at Home

Best flea treatment for cats will help you to treat the flea problem which often attacks your lovely cat properly. As a pet owner, you need to be aware of various health problems that might be faced by your pet, including flea attack. Fleas are pesky small bugs that can make both the pet and the owner feeling inconvenient. 

Mild flea problem most likely causes irritation or infection on the skin either for the cat or the owner. Meanwhile, the severe one can trigger solemn health problems in cats such as anemia and tapeworm. Having a discussion with the veterinarian will be really helpful for you to cope with this problem. Your veterinarian commonly will suggest you some of these methods for flea problem on cats.

Flea comb

Using a flea comb is known to be the easiest and common way to treat flea problems. A flea comb is different from common combs since it comes with fine teeth that are arranged tightly. This happens to be a method to remove fleas that containing no chemical. It works by trapping the fleas into its teeth while combing. Once the fleas trapped, you need to kill them as soon as possible.

This is to prevent them jump back on you or your pet. The simplest way to kill them is by dipping the comb you have used into soapy liquid. One of the pitfalls of using a flea comb to treat flea problems is it cannot cut down the development of big flea infesting. It is since the flea comb is not able to eradicate flea eggs or larvae from the cat body as well as the environment.

Flea bath

If your cat is not a bathing-prone, you can use flea shampoo when bathing the cat regularly. It can be one of the fast methods to get rid of fleas from your cat. Fleas commonly also flee over particular types of smells. Hence, you can use the shampoo which comes with aromatic smells like clove or cinnamon. This will help to kill the old fleas and repulse the new fleas. Flea bathing is not only beneficial in removing adult fleas but also eradicate their eggs and larvae.

Bathing the cats with particular medication or shampoo helps to make the cats feel comfortable. However, the drawback of this method is quite similar to the flea comb which is unable to control big flea infesting. It is since it neither effectively removes their eggs and larvae from the environment nor preventing them to jump back.

Environment cleaning

For more effective flea removal, you need to control flea development in the environment. You can try regular vacuuming inside your house. Once you’ve finished with that, you need to unfill the vacuum outside the room and seal the bin where you put the garbage in. You can use a flea bomb or house spray, too. 

However, you need to make sure that all the people and pets are outside the house when applying it. You need to wash the bedding and other fabrics inside the house regularly as well. Although these methods contain toxic, they are effective to remove not only flea but also their eggs and larvae from the surrounding environment. That’s why they are considered the best flea treatment for cats.

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