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Artemis Fresh Mix Adult Formula Dry Dog Food Reviews

The Artemis company promotes what they say is a holistic approach to your pet’s nutrition that starts with quality nutrition. By incorporating fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and probiotics into a balanced diet, your pet’s nutrition may help to prevent diseases and support natural healing processes. This Fresh Mix formula for adult dogs uses fresh chicken and turkey, chicken and fish meals, and a variety of whole grains as the base for their kibble.

Quick Look

No Nutritional Content Information Kcal Information - Calories Per Cup
1 Protein 23% This food provides 3593 Kcal per kilogram, which is 336 Kcal per cup (250 mL).
2 Fat 14%
3 Fiber 3%
3 Moisture 10%


This kibble can be purchased in a 15 lb bag for $34.99 or in a 30 lb bag for $58.99.


Main Ingredients

  • Barley - whole-grain supplying digestible carbohydrates, fiber and nutrients
  • Brown rice - whole-grain for carbohydrates, fiber, and nutrients
  • Chicken meal - concentrated product high in protein and nutrients
  • Chicken - fresh chicken
  • Turkey - fresh turkey
Other Ingredients List
Apples Lactobacillus casei
Ascorbic acid L-carnitine
Barley grass extract Manganese proteinate
Biotin Manganese sulfate
Bluberries Manganous oxide
Calcium pantothenate Millet
Carrots Oatmeal
Chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols) Parsley flake
Choline chloride Peas
Copper proteinate Potassium iodide
Copper sulfate Potatoes
Cranberries Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
Dried aspergillis orzyae fermentation extract Rosemary extract
Dried chicory root Saccharomyces cerevesiae fermentation solubles
Dried skim milk Salmon
Duck Salmon oil (a source of DHA)
Egg product Sodium selenite
Enterococcus faecieum Spinach
Ferrous sulfate Thiamine mononitrate
Fish meal Tomato pomace
Flavor enhancer Tomatoes
Flaxseed Vitamin A supplement
Green tea extract Vitamin E supplement
Iron proteinate Zinc proteinate
Kelp Zinc sulfate
Lactobacillus acidophilus Vitamin B12 supplement

AAFCO Statement

No AAFCO statement was available on the product website.

Product Overview

This food is slightly lower in protein than some other premium kibbles. The majority of the protein appears to come from fresh chicken and turkey as well as from chicken meal. Fresh meat has a high moisture content so their positions on the ingredient list should actually be somewhat lower if you consider the cooked weight. 

There is no specific statement about the sources of these products or whether they were raised free of hormones and antibiotics. The product depends on whole grains for carbohydrates but uses barley, brown rice, millet, and oatmeal rather than wheat, corn, or soy. These are highly digestible kinds of carbohydrates and the oatmeal, rice and millet are gluten-free.

Fruits and vegetables are included for extra nutrients and the food provides a complete vitamin supplementation. The food includes mineral sulfates as well as minerals that are chelated to protein. Chelation makes them easier for your pet to absorb and use. The five probiotics included are thought to promote good bacterial growth in the gut and thus enhance digestive health in your dog. 

Tomato pomace is a controversial ingredient for some people. It is the pulp left over when tomatoes are processed into ketchup or juice and contains a high percentage of tomato skins. This makes it a good source of nutrition and fiber, but some think that it may also contain pesticide residues if the fruit was not washed thoroughly before processing.

Analysis and review of this dry food show that it is a grain-based food that has a moderate amount of meat or meat meals. It is sometimes difficult to evaluate various claims and feeding philosophies. Does your dog really need a higher protein level in his diet? Some dogs in certain life stages may, but this food will probably be adequate for most dogs. 

That being said, the word ‘holistic’ has no specific legal definition like ‘organic’ does in labeling. The botanicals and probiotics included in this food are about the same as those in other brands that do not use the word ‘holistic’ in their advertising.

As with any pet food, begin with by feeding the recommended amounts to your pet and adjust how much he eats if you notice a change in his condition, whether an unexpected gain or loss. A healthy dog should look lean and be athletic and energetic.

The Artemis Company headquarters are located in California, but there is no specific information on their website about where Artemis pet foods are manufactured.

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