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Artemis Dog Food Reviews and Analysis


In-Depth Review and Analysis of all Artemis Dog Food Products

Artemis provides a variety of dog foods that are all-natural ingredients.

Artemis was ranked as one of the top dog foods. They guarantee ethoxyquin-free products. Artemis states that they get their fish meal from a company that uses a source of vitamin E for a preservative which is a healthy alternative to the ethoxyquin preservative that is often used by other companies. 

Artemis strives to use an all-natural approach to feeding your pet since they realize that they cannot get too wrong with nature. Artemis uses the natural resources around them to the best of their ability to create a diet for your pet that they hope will be satisfying and beneficial.

Artemis products are made from all-natural sources. They have a holistic approach when it comes to your pet’s food. Artemis provides several options for dog foods. These options range in their specificity by targeting different ages and sizes of dogs. Artemis products are carefully made with the idea of balance in mind. Artemis does not have a large selection of dog foods, but what they do have is carefully manufactured and produced with the same loving care they would use for their own pets. In this matter, they bring their personal lives in with their business lives.

Artemis Nutritional Value

Artemis dog food does not have an available AAFCO statement with it. Because of this, it would be imperative to not only use this product but to also supplement it with another to ensure that your pet is gaining the necessary nutrients needed.

Artemis dog foods are made from all-natural ingredients. They do not contain artificial products or preservatives. Artemis dog food is a source of multiple proteins. They state that they cover the amino acid profile to get all the proteins in their foods. 

Their protein is also fresh making their products more palatable to your pet. Artemis dog food uses a balanced amount of omega-3 and -6. These two nutrients are beneficial in maintaining of a healthy coat. Artemis also uses a balanced variety of necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed in your pet’s diet.

Grain Issues

Artemis believes that the best approach is balance. By maintaining a balanced diet, they believe your pet will thrive. This belief is so firmly entrenched in their minds that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the satisfaction that you and your pet receive from the use of their products. 

They do use grains in their products as a part of this “balanced diet” approach that they maintain. Artemis does not offer any grain-free products due to its belief in a balanced diet. But these grains are balanced out with essential nutrients and proteins that your pet needs. Artemis strives in this matter as well to please their customers and to provide quality foods for your pets.

Reviews of Artemis Dog Food Products:

NoDog Food Products
1Artemis Fresh Mix Adult Formula Dry Dog Food
2Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dry Dog Food
3Artemis Fresh Mix Medium Large Breed Puppy Dry Food
4Artemis Fresh Mix Medium Large Breed Senior Dry Dog Food
5Artemis Fresh Mix Small Breed Adult Formula Dry Dog Food
6Artemis Fresh Mix Small Breed Puppy Formula Dry Food
7Artemis Fresh Mix Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food
8Artemis Fresh Mix Weight Management Formula Dry Dog Food
9Artemis Holistic Beef Canned Dog Food
10Artemis Holistic Chicken Canned Dog Food
11Artemis Holistic Lamb Canned Dog Food
12Artemis Osopure Chicken Canned Dog Food
13Artemis Osopure Duck Canned Dog Food
14Artemis Osopure Power Formula Dry Dog Food
15Artemis Osopure Salmon Canned Dog Food
16Artemis Osopure Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food
17Artemis Osopure Small Breed Puppy Dry Food

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