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Acana Dog Food Reviews: Foods Made From Fresh Produce



Acana Provides Dog Foods Made From Fresh Produce Delivered Daily

Acana is a family-owned business that specializes in fresh food ingredients. Reinhard Muhlenfeld and his family operate this business buying fresh produce from the accredited farmers in their local area. These farmers are people that the family knows and trusts. They say that this way they know where the ingredients are coming from and what is in them. This aspect of this family-owned business seems to add a bit of credibility to their products. The quality of the meats is assured.


Acana Products

Acana offers a small variety of dry dog foods. These dog foods are formulated for the different ages and sizes of dogs. Acana also offers several grain-free products for those who prefer not to feed their dogs grain or whose dogs are in some way sensitive to grains and have trouble digesting grains:

Acana offers some specialty dog foods as well such as their Lamb singles and their Duck singles. Acana strives to meet the satisfaction of their customers and you the pet owner.

Acana Nutritional Value

Acana products are formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional levels for all life stages. Acana strives to meet the maximum and minimum requirements of certain nutritional elements as well. Their goal is to serve you and your pet in the best way possible.

Each product is made of three types of meat that are delivered fresh each day guaranteeing that there are no preservatives in them. Acana states that one of their reasons for using three meats in each product comes from the understanding of the carnivorous nature of dogs. Dogs, by nature, are carnivores and their main diet is, or ought to be, meat. 

Acana states that another reason for providing such a high concentration of protein in your pet’s food is the need for more protein and the lack of need for carbohydrates. Research has shown that carbohydrates are among the factors of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems in your dogs. By using fresh meat and limiting the grains they use Acana seeks to provide your pet with the nutrition that he needs to live healthily.

Grain Issues

Acana uses grains as little as possible in their products. They believe firmly in feeding dogs protein. Acana has done extensive research on the property of grain and how grains affect dogs. Acana has come to the conclusion that grains as a general rule contain a high glycemic index. Glycemic (high levels of it) can cause your pet’s blood sugar to rise quickly and to alternately crash quickly. 

By regulating the amounts of grain, Acana assures you that your pet won’t experience the rapid rise and fall of blood sugar. Acana as a result of this research uses little to no grains in their products. One grain that Acana uses most often is oats. Oats have been researched to cause a more relaxed rise and fall of blood sugar giving your pet the nutrients it needs without messing with his blood sugar.

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