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9 Tips on How to Find a Lost Cat Efficiently


How to find a lost cat inefficient ways? Most of us will be panic when we get our lovely pet is suddenly nowhere to be found. The thing is it is quite normal for a cat to somehow hide, disappear, or not respond to the owner's call. 

How To Find A Lost Cat Outside

Follow these intensive steps to get your cat back.


1.  Call the cat with a soft voice

When you’re looking for a lost cat, use a soft voice to call its name. Your cat may be in a terrifying state so it won’t leave its place when it hears a loud voice scaring them.

2. Stop and listen every once in a while

Don’t just call, instead stop once in a while to listen to any voice. When a cat is trapped, wounded, or hungry, it will meow.

3. Bring the cat’s favorite toys

If your cat has a favorite toy(s)s, hang it with thread on a stick and bring it when you look for the cat. It can calm the cat from its fear as the cat will think you are playing with it.

4. Get some help from friends and neighbors

You may not be able to look at the lost cat on your own, so getting help from friends and neighbors is very useful. Warn everyone helping to stay calm and avoid sudden moves so the cat doesn’t move to another place. Change information through cellphones.

5. Spread the news

Spread the brochures of your lost cat in strategic places and social media. Bring your cat’s latest photos and ask those who pass by the searching location if they had seen that cat recently. You can offer some payoff to motivate them to look for the cat.

6. Look for the hiding spot

Go look for every inch of a hiding spot in your house as cat tend to just hide in what they consider the safest place. Ask for your neighbors’ permission to search in their houses or gardens. Look for the high places like roof or tree and the warm place like the heater’s ventilation or car’s machine during the cold season.

7. Leave the familiar smell in the door

The next step on how to find a lost cat is by leaving the smell familiar to the cat in front of the door. It can be the cat’s litter box, its toys, or a blanket.

8. Put the cat food in front of the door

Put the cat food with a strong smell in front of the door. Cover it with a plastic container with some holes so other animals won’t eat it.

9. Don’t lose hope and keep looking for the cat

Most of the cats will hide instead of running away when it is scared or lost. Most cats stay in a place for weeks before moving to another place. So, keep your faith on and don’t stop searching for the cat!

Once you get your cat back, don’t forget to thanks everyone who had helped you and take down all the news about the cat. Hope those tips on how to find a lost cat efficiently help you get your cat back!

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