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7 Steps to How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet

Are you looking for some information on how to train your cat to use the toilet? Cats are magnificent creatures of this world. They are beautiful, soft, and often fun to have. If your cat is a playful one, surely you would not have a boring moment in your life. Having a cat is something that every man and woman should try if they decide not to get married. 

Cats (and dogs to some extend) are like children. You need to feed them and you need to train them (like children if you think about it). Cat ladies and cat men are everywhere in this world, and often they choose not to have children because having a cat is already tiring enough.

Steps to Toilet Training Your Cat

Why can having a cat be tired? Because you need to buy its food, you need to clean its litter box, you need to treat it when it is sick, you need to buy it toys, you need to buy it treats, and you need to train it. Some people like the idea of having a dog or a cat because they saw it on television where the dog or the cat is smart and well-mannered. If you plan on getting a dog or a cat that is that smart, then you should not do so to save yourself from disappointment. 

Those cats and dogs you see on the television are already trained. You cannot have a dog or a cat that is smart from the beginning, no. You need to train it. You need to train it to act well in front of strangers, you need to train it to eat properly (if you can make a dog or a cat eat with a spoon and a fork, then by all means do not let me hold you), and you need to know how to train your cat to use the toilet.

Bring your untrained cat outside if you wish to start with how to train your cat to use the toilet

Do not forget to bring your cat outside if you ever want to walk around. You see, if you put your cat into a habit of peeing outside, then there is a chance that your cat would not be comfortable with peeing in your house. Cats are territorial after all.

Do not ever choose a different spot with the first spot where your cat peed upon

I once said that cats are territorial, like dogs. Like dogs, they will usually pee in someplace they have peed on. If you move from one spot to another, your cat will get confused. If it is confusing, it is bound to pee someplace that you do not want it to pee on. Like your bed, or your car, or your couch.

Reward your cat with some treat when it is done relieving itself

How to train your cat to use a toilet is pretty simple, especially if you train it with the most ‘rewarding’ way ever, the give and take way. When your cat is done peeing in someplace you wanted peed upon by it, then you should give your cat a quick snack. Be mindful though that if you give it before it finishes peeing, it would not probably like it. Be sure to give the snack after it is done with relieving itself, or you will risk it could not pee comfortably when you are around.

Create a feeding schedule that would not interfere with your cat’s peeing schedule

How to Train Your Cat to Use Toilet There is nothing good aside from a regular feeding schedule. You see, feeding your cat before it is going to sleep is a quick way to get the cat to wet itself while it is sleeping. You do not want to have your cat pee when it is asleep, especially if the cat is sleeping in your bed. I once go through it, and it is not unpleasant for me, the cat, and my room. Cat’s piss is often itchy to the skin.

You know the moment after you are done with drinking and you wanted to go to the toilet before you sleep? That is basic human logic: you pee before you go to bed to avoid wetting your sleeping sanctuary and risking being embarrassed in front of your friends or your husband or wife. Simple right? You learn to do things like that when you are growing up.

Sadly, cats are not human. Cats are incapable of thinking like humans, and you cannot simply be told your cat to go to the toilet before it goes to bed. If so, then what can you do to prevent your cat from peeing on its bed?

Take its water dish away before it goes to bed. Although it might look like a move that a dictator would make, you need to dictate your cat. You have to show dominance! You have to show that it cannot pee in any place. You have to show it that your house is not pissing heaven for an untrained cat.

There are also problems you need to handle concerning your cat’s habit

After you have done nearly everything I listed above, there comes a time where your cat is still a leaking pipe everywhere. Those problems I will list below, and I will try to come up with something that may or may not help the cat. Check these problems out:

Your cat likes to move around the house

Knowing how to train your cat to use the toilet is pretty good if you have a cat that is not hyperactive. If your cat is not a ‘peaceful’ cat, then you need to know that its habit of moving around the house could deter it from learning to use the toilet. To counter it, you cannot teach your cat to be calm. You just have to follow it around and learn about it. With patience, you will find your answer.

Success… And then it fails again

The wheel of life’s fortune affects us all, and cats are no exception from it. If at first, your cat did not succeed, then perhaps your cat got something in its mind that would not allow it to succeed on first try, and even after the first success there is a chance that your cat would fail again. 

If it succeeds, give it something to remember, but if it did not, then it is okay to scold it sometimes. Just avoid violence. I do not like pets that are not quick to learn, but with vehement rage, I dislike people who treat their pets like things.

I guess is all about how to train your cat to use the toilet. I hope this article on how to train your cat to use the toilet could help you in your future endeavor should you ever found yourself faced with this problem.

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