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Cat Training: Teaching Your Cat to Behave Properly

cat toilet training
Almost all households love to have cats to cuddle although at times they can cause your ornaments to be broken, scratches in the furniture, and ruined clothes especially stockings. These are only some of their misbehavior that should not be tolerated. 

Therefore, giving them adequate and appropriate training would be your best option to take.  There are significant reasons behind why kittens misbehave and as an owner; it will be your sole responsibility to determine those reasons behind. It is your duty to control and teach them well.

Pet Cats Can Feel Bored

When cats get bored, they do anything that could please them and would catch your attention. In times like this, all you have to do is to stay calm and do not inflict any harm. Be patient in dealing with the situation. Since they are seeking your attention, take some time to play with your cat even just for a few minutes. 

cat training collarWe all know that they are very energetic and playful. To prevent boredom, better buy some toys for them so that they won’t get bored anymore leading to the destruction of your things. Even though you are giving them a favor, you still have to impose discipline if this misconduct will occur again.

Since cats are more energetic and enthusiastic during night hours, there is a great tendency that they will do more activities in the evening. Therefore, you have to keep in mind to give them a lot of activities in the morning so that they will get exhausted at night. 

With this, there will be lesser energy for them to roam around and play when you are resting and sleeping. You should be the one who will manipulate and control their behavior. Do not let this pet become a hindrance in your daily activity pattern.

Cats Love To Lie In A Soft Place

They usually love to lie down in soft places such as your bed and couch. There are instances that when visitors are there, they would just ignore and still act as if no one will use the couch. It is important that you’re cat must be in his own bed or couch once there are guests who will use the living room. 

training a cat
You can actually train them as early as possible so that they will not be able to interfere with the conversation with your guests. It is their natural behavior to play more and be noticed when there are several visitors that look new. Cats will treat these people as strangers.

As a result, they might stick their nose and fur to your feet in order to become familiar because it is their instinct that once you have been exposed to their saliva and dander, they will treat you not as a stranger anymore. But this behavior should be controlled. 

Do not allow your cat to play and stick with your guests as he pleases. Remember that there are persons who are highly sensitive. They might be allergic to fur and dander. To be safe, teach your pet to limit this action in order to avoid any harmful effects to your guest. Back to home blog animal

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