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Should I Get A Dog? And How to Know if You're Ready to Get

should i get a dog
Most of the time when you ask people how and why they chose a particular dog or breed, it turns out that it was just a random choice. Maybe they saw a puppy in a pet store that was just too cute to pass up. Or maybe their kids have been begging them for a while about getting a dog and they finally decided to go get one. 

Or maybe the dog down the street had puppies and they are talked into taking one. Even though these reasons can be great ways to bring a great dog into someone’s life, it can also spell disaster for both the people and the dog they brought home.

There is nothing better than coming home from a long day to a tail-wagging, lovable dog who is excited to see you! But before you decide to bring one of these furry friends into your life, you need to understand they are a huge responsibility to take on! They are completely dependent on you for everything from food to exercise to training. They also don’t take the day off.

What to Know Before Getting a Dog?

Many people don’t understand the requirements of care to keep a dog happy and healthy. They didn’t realize just how much exercise or training was needed to keep their dog healthy and well behaved. After a while, they start to wonder why they even wanted to have a dog in the first place.

should i get a male or female dog
Then for reasons completely unknown to them, the once-loved dog finds itself in the shelter scared to death. In the same way, the removal of a dog from the home can have a traumatic effect on the children and adults who came to love the animal regardless of the behavior that led to them being given up.

Too many dogs today are being treated as disposable items just like a disposable razor, pen, or diaper. Unfortunately, they usually pay for this kind of treatment with their lives.

10 Reasons People Consider Giving Away Their Dog

According to the National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy, these are the top ten reasons why people gave up their dogs:

  • Moving
  • Landlord issues
  • Cost of pet maintenance
  • No time for pet
  • Inadequate facilities
  • Too many pets in the home
  • Pet illness
  • Personal problems
  • Biting
  • No homes for littermates

If any of these circumstances could lead you to give up your puppy or dog, you should wait before getting one. Not doing so is not fair to the dog.

Important Questions To Yourself

There are a few things to think about if you don’t want the above scenarios to become the reality for you and your family. You can definitely avoid being a person who gets the wrong dog for what may seem like the right reason.

should i get a cat or dog
Before you get a dog, you should ask yourself some important questions:

  • What kind of lifestyle do you have?
  • What kind of dog do you want? Active? Laidback? Do you want a big dog or a small one? Hairy or hairless? A slobbery dog or a neat one?
  • How much room do you have and what kind of house do you live in?
  • How much time do you have for a dog? Remember, they take a lot of work and time. When you come home, are you wanting to go outside and exercise or sit and relax in front of the TV?
  • Do you like to entertain?
  • Do you want a puppy or an older dog? If you get a puppy, will there be someone there to take care of them all day and to house train, and socialize them?
  • Is your yard fenced in?
  • Does everyone in the family want a dog, or are you just giving in to the idea because someone like the kids is begging you?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before just going out and getting the first cute dog you see. The more you think about these things now, the less surprised and disappointed you will be later on.

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