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The 5 Steps To Puppy Obedience Training Near Me

puppy obedience training
Having a new puppy in the house is much like taking care of a newborn baby. A puppy requires love, affection, attention, and most of all, patience. Just like babies, puppies have to be taught how to behave properly. It is important that you understand that in training your puppy to obey you, he doesn't perceive you as a "mean" person; in fact, quite the opposite is true. 

Follow These Steps For a Puppy That Obeys

As puppies grow, they want to make their master proud.  By praising your puppy when he obeys your command, he will be happy with himself for pleasing you.  Dogs do have feelings, and they want to be a loved member of the family.  Making you happy will make him happy.

1. Never Punish or Strike Your Puppy

The first rule you should follow when teaching your puppy obedience is never to use any type of punishment as a means of discipline. Training your puppy can be extremely frustrating at times, and you may find your patience being tested. Yelling or physical punishment should never be used as a method of obedience training. Punishment will only intimidate your puppy and may cause the puppy to act out behaviorally. Your puppy will associate training with punishment, which will be a barrier to his progress.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement

Another step in training your puppy to obey is to use positive reinforcement. Even when your puppy does not behave in the appropriate way, remain gentle and calm. Puppies respond to praise and treats.

Whenever your puppy exhibits good behavior, praise him by telling him what a good job he has done. Back this praises up with petting or a treat. Positive reinforcement will encourage good behavior in your puppy. Be careful not to rely too heavily on treats, or he will come to expect a treat every time he obeys you or does something good.

3. Timing and Consistency

The third step in obedience training is to always use timing and be consistent. In order for your puppy to learn commands and appropriate behavior, you need to develop a regular routine. Walking your puppy through the routine daily until he associates that routine with a keyword is usually successful. Repetition reinforces timing and consistency. This will go a long way in helping your puppy to become potty trained, too.

puppy obedience classes
Once you develop a routine for your puppy, it is important to work with him in short intervals. Puppies can only stay focused for a short period of time, and they tire easily. Short training intervals will reduce your stress and the puppy's too.

4. Talk to Your Puppy

Talking to your puppy is another step in teaching him obedience. When you talk to your puppy, you gain and keep his attention. Again, puppies have short attention spans so keeping a continuous flow of chatter going with your puppy will help to keep him focused on the task at hand. Talking to your puppy also helps him to become more relaxed with you because he can distinguish the different inflections in your voice.

5. Let your Puppy Take the Lead

The fifth step in teaching your puppy to be obedient is to allow your puppy to make decisions on his own. Give the puppy an opportunity to act before you step in to correct him. Constantly correcting your puppy before he is given a chance to act on his own reduces his motivation to perform well without your help. Like young children, puppies often want to take the easy way out. Allowing your puppy to make choices and progress on his own builds confidence and reinforces positive behavior.

If you follow these easy steps, your puppy will adapt well to his new environment. Once this happens it becomes easier to teach your puppy to be obedient. Your dog will eventually grow into a well-behaved and valued member of the family. Obedience training eliminates confusion and makes life easier for your puppy, especially as he grows into an adult.  You will find the training rewarding, and your puppy will as well.  Teaching puppy obedience gives him confidence and helps him live a happy, relaxed life - and the benefits of owning a well-behaved dog are obvious.

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