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Parrot Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

parrot insurance
Of late, pet insurance is becoming more and more a facet of pet ownership. When you take into account the costs of veterinary bills, it becomes a wise solution. Surprisingly enough, it has recently become possible to obtain exotic bird insurance, and even more specifically, parrot insurance. For parrot owners, this new development is sure to be of great interest.

Parrots are Reasonably Expensive 

Like every other rare and exotic animal, and like every other unique and pricey possession, they should definitely be insured. And most conveniently, now there are tailored insurance policies that provide insurance cover just for parrots.  There is a huge demand for parrots on the black market since people are quite willing to part with hefty sums of money in exchange for one and they are hard to come by since there are so many regulations governing the importation and sale of exotic animals. As such, parrot owners are at risk of theft. Parrot owners should make sure their parrot is insured against being stolen, to avoid having to cope with the double strike of emotional and financial damage.

The present high cost of veterinary bills is another factor that should be considered. A parrot is such an uncommon pet, that it requires highly specialized veterinary care, so the bills are sure to be astronomical. It follows that special measures should be taken to prepare for any likelihood of illness or injury, much as we hate to think about it happening. Insurance is the most logical option in this case, and parrot insurance is specifically tailored to cover any occurrence of your parrot falling ill, incurring an injury, or getting stolen.

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Like every other insurance policy, there are hundreds of companies that offer parrot insurance, and different policies include different clauses. You must shop for a policy that suits you and your parrot perfectly. This includes doing your research thoroughly. You must make sure you compare the deductibles, co-pays, and caps, that limit the payouts, should the worst happen. The wisest thing would be to approach a niche, or specialized insurance company, that deals specifically with the insurance of exotic and rare animals.

Some parrot insurance policies offer discounts for the insurance of multiple parrots, and apart from theft, injury or illness, also cover public liability, which factors in damage or injury caused by your parrot. For those who own many parrots, there are insurance policies that cover equipment and aviaries as well. Parrot insurance has grown in popularity, and as such has become quite affordable. Paying just a few dollars a month will ensure your peace of mind and protection, should anything happen to your parrot.

It is normal to be skeptical about pet insurance, and parrot insurance in particular, but as we all know, you can never be too careful in life, and many times things do not go according to plan.  In order to safeguard against the suffering or loss of your pet, not to mention the financial repercussions, parrot insurance is quite a viable option.

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