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How To Discipline A Cat Well and easily

Owning a cat, or any pet is a big responsibility. Also, it requires a lot of your patience. They can be destructive as well as vicious towards your home furniture and fixtures.

Proven Ways to Discipline Your Cat

There a few items that you need to give more care for as they are the most common targets by your cats. In order to do this, there are a few remedies that you can try.

1. Flora Alert

While there are plants that can be toxic for your cats, your cats themselves can be a risk for your plants at home. To protect your flora, you can purchase plastic meshes from craft stores. This mesh will be fitted for your plant. This way, your cat cannot disrupt the soil that your plant is put in.

Also, you can protect your plant’s leaves, stems, or flowers by spraying them with, for example, Bitter Apple. You can check on your local pet store for such sprays. Make sure that you use only those that are disgusting for your cats but are not essentially dangerous for their health.

2. Cord Care

Another hobby that cats have is playing with electrical cords at home. Bitter Apple is also a good solution for this problem. But, for a more lasting remedy, you can try and enclose your electrical cords within cardboards. And if possible, align cords that are at heights that your cat cannot reach. Also, this will be safer if you have small kids at home.

3. Curtain Trouble

Playing with curtains is fun for cats. They sway, move, and they even take revenge. Well, this can be what your cat thinks as curtains can move in a way that is threatening for your cats. Another reason why they love curtains is that they can climb on them.

Your solution would be to use curtains that are a bit short. Use those that are only enough to cover the windows. Or, you can just make sure that they are secured tightly and that they do not touch the floor which makes it easy for cats to reach. If the curtain still is an attraction for your cat, you can use vertical blinds instead.

4. The Garbage Situation

Cats are interested in not only cat food, but in human food as well. This way they can also rummage through your garbage cans and bins both inside and out of the house. This makes your cat too dirty to pet. Not to mention that your home is also turned into a garbage dump. Just make sure that you have waste bins that can be covered tightly. If your cat won’t be able to open it, there won’t be much of a problem.

5. Table and Counter Attack

Even your bigger furniture is not safe with cats around. They can scratch the posts and that won’t be a very good sight to see. 

You can use Bitter Apple, only if this won’t damage the material that your counters and table are made from. The only thing left for you to do is to train them not to do such a thing. Every time they scratch, you can pick them up and keep them from doing it.

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