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How to Bury a Pet at Home and don't Bury In The Backyard

How to bury a pet is the last thing many of us want to consider. However, like humans, our beloved animals must also reach the time when they must cross the bridge that leads them to the green pastures where they will no longer suffer the pain or illness that will eventually take them away from us. Preparing for that time is important.

How to Properly Bury a Pet

If a pet coffin is to be ordered from one of the several pet casket makers, it may be necessary to handle that in advance so it will be available when the time comes for it to be used. The cost for a factory-made container is quite expensive. If the budget will not allow the custom-built, perhaps a hand made one will suffice. It may be a challenge but a necessary project in order to have something to place the beloved in at that end time of his or her life.

A plastic container with a tight-fitting lid can be fashioned to fit the need. Using foam rubber for the mattress and pillow, and covering it in satin is easy to do. It may take a bit of sewing, but the final results will be worth the effort. The lid can also have the foam rubber and satin applied to it using a hot glue gun.

Take action within a day

The next step is to locate the spot in the yard or area where the plot will be. It is important to make sure that the city will allow pets buried in the city limits. There are many cities that do not allow it. If not, pet cemeteries are available.

When the pet passes away, dig a grave between two to four feet deep. This can be done if the time for the pet is drawing very near, a few days in advance. Make sure the opening is covered to avoid a possible accident. Or the grave can be dug on the day of the animal's passing.

Wrap the animal in a favorite blanket, sweater, or towel. The second wrapping should be a large piece of plastic. A shower curtain or a large leaf bag is sufficient. The plastic may need to be taped to close it tightly.

Place the pet inside the coffin. If a eulogy is preferred with family members gathered, say final goodbyes before closing the lid. Make sure the grave is large enough on the ends and sides for the coffin to fit easily into. Place the dirt shoveled out of the grave back onto the top of the casket. Tamp it down securely after every few shovels full until it is filled.

It is never easy to say goodbye to a family member and there will defiantly be a time of grieving. Special pets leave paw prints on the heart that do not pass away with the animal but linger forever. 

How to bury a pet and give them the best farewell possible will make the final passing much easier. Burying them properly will make the owner rest assured that they did the very best they could for their pet. back to Home animal blog

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