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7 Fun Things to Do With Your Cat While Staying At Home

fun things to do with your cat
It is not enough that you feed your cat, give it water and set it up a place to sleep in. As owners, you also need to bond and have time for your pets.

How to Have Fun With Your Cat

For those who are asking why there is a need to do so, here are a few reasons:

For skills. The more you interact with your cat, the more it will be able to develop different skills this can be because you keep your pet active most of the time. These skills can include hunting skills. When they are playing, you can notice that they would pounce like they are catching their prey. The more they practice this, the more they can fool their prey.

activities for cats home alone
For body. As said, the more your cat plays, the more active it is. This will keep the body in good shape. Also, just like humans, this can lead to a longer life and fewer illnesses.

For emotions. Another benefit to your cat would be that playing is a good way to release negative energies. If your cat is prone to aggression, you can help tone it down by activities. On the other hand, if your cat is a bit shy, you can help it become more involved. Between you and your pet, you will also foster bonding moments.

Nice Things To Do For Your Cat

And, to make it an enjoyable time for you and your cat, use activities that are exciting. Here are a few of those activities.

  • When you are looking for toys to give to your cat, remember that the more animated they are, the more attractive they will be for your cat.
  • Rotating toys will help take the work away from you. There will be no need for you to keep moving around just to make the toy move.
  • You can also make any toy look as if it is a bird or a mouse. Move them continuously and teasingly in the view of your cat. This will make your games more exciting.
  • You don’t even need to buy toys. You can just rummage in your house and look for cardboard, empty plastic bottles, and anything that can be played with by your cat.
  • When you are already playing, let your cat set the pace of your game. It can be difficult to set your own pace if your cat is not interested in that kind of game. You will only disinterest it by doing so. If your cat looks like it is losing interest, just keep trying.
  • If after 1 minute and your cat still hasn’t played with you. You might want to rest your case. You can always try some other time.
  • And, more importantly, let your cat win the game. This is after some time that you have challenged it. But, make sure that you are not making it too easy for your cat.
fun games to play with your cat
The only thing that can make this activity truly beneficial is on doing it regularly. If you are having difficulty trying to stimulate your pet into play mode, just keep trying or change your strategies. In the end, you will be able to see improvement in its involvement.

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