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How Much Does Cat Declawing Cost Me?

cat declawing
Declawing a cat has been a controversial concern. There are those who believe that declawing your cat is unkind and not even necessary at all, and will only cause your cat discomfort and distressing relationship with you. As in some veterinarians do not offer this type of service, and other veterinarians offer it aversely and considered to be the last alternative.

Methods On Declawing Cat

There are different methods of declawing your cat, from the cheapest that costs $50 to as much as $400 depending on your choice. The cheapest, basic and fastest method of declawing is called Resco Clipper, which can cost around $50 to $90. It is also the most controversial and painful method among all, since the third bone above the claw is cut, thus does not allow the nail to grow back.

Alternatives to Declawing A Cat

The cat should be hospitalized for two nights to recover, as well as use bandages and antibiotics to prevent the occurrence of any infections. Another procedure is called Disarticulation, wherein the ligaments which are connected to the bones are cut and removed carefully, instead of simply cutting the bone such as in Resco Clipper. This method is less painful for the cat, very difficult for the veterinarian to perform, and therefore slightly more expensive. 

cat declawing near me
The cat is still required to stay in the hospital for two nights, and use bandages and antibiotics as part of the recuperation period. This method will cost around $100 to $250. One of the most expensive types of declawing method is the use of laser, which costs somewhere between $250 and $400. The use of a scalpel and cutting through any ligaments or bones are not applicable in this method, instead, the laser is used. The cat will experience no bleeding; therefore there is no need to use bandages. 

The Best Method

On the other hand, the least invasive and more humane method is through tendonectomy, wherein it only cuts the tendon that will not allow the cat to extend its claws. As a result, the claws are still intact, but your cat cannot just simply use them to scratch things.

Before going through the surgery, the veterinarian usually orders some tests to be done such as blood tests, liver checks, and kidney function. After the surgery, observe your cat closely since cats are known to develop arthritis after being declawed, take him to the veterinarian immediately, as well as if your car develops to have any infections.

cat declawing near me
If you want to save money on your declawing costs, you’re going to want to call up a few vet offices. By calling up three or even five offices, you’re going to find that the prices are going to greatly vary. While there are many ways to declaw your cat, you may not have to go the surgical route. You will find that there are many alternatives such as little pads that go over your cat’s paws. These are able to block the claws from scratching items. By calling up and comparing, you will find that the prices above should be rather accurate.

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